The student budgets listed below represent an estimate of the total cost for you to attend Suffolk University Law School for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. The budget includes tuition, SBA dues, the cost of the University's Health Insurance Plan, books, and living expenses (includes housing, utilities, food, transportation to and from school, and miscellaneous personal expenses).

The living expense budget maximum of $18,281 provides students living on their own with $2,031 per month for the nine month enrollment period of September 2015 - May 2016. For students living with a parent, the living expense maximum budget of $10,877 provides $1,209 per month for the nine month enrollment period. We encourage you to review these budgets carefully and plan your living expense costs accordingly. The lower your living expenses, the less your loan debt will be at graduation.

Students should note that refunds from overpayment of semester student account charges will not be available until after the beginning of classes each semester. For this reason students should come prepared to meet their first month's out-of-pocket expenses such as rent. To ensure timely crediting of all student aid funds and refund processing, students should meet all application and priority filing deadlines.

The student budget, or cost of attendance, figures listed below also represent the maximum amount of financial aid that can be received from all sources, including Suffolk aid, student loans, federal work study, employer tuition benefits, and any other aid from outside sources.

2015-2016 Student Budgets for Full-Time JD Students

For financial aid purposes, full time in the JD program is considered 10 or more credits per semester for Day Division students and 7 or more credits per semester for Evening students. For JD students enrolled less than full time, the tuition charges will be $1,533 per credit.

Living On Own
Day Division
Evening Division
Health Insurance+
Average Loan Fees
Living Expenses**
Total Cost of Attendance Budget
Living With Parent  Day Division  Evening Division 
Tuition*  $45,922 $34,440
SBA Fee  $120  $90 
Health Insurance+  $2,170 $2,170
Books  $1,250  $920
Average Loan Fees  $1088 $1088
Living Expenses**  $10,877 $10,877
Total Cost of Attendance Budget  $61,427 $49.585

 * Dual Degree and LL.M. students can use the above chart by replacing the full-time JD student tuition rate with the appropriate fall and spring semester tuition charges for their program. Dual Degree and LL.M. tuition is charged on a per credit basis as follows:

JD/MBA  $1,711 
JD/MSCJ  $1,589
JD/MPA  $1,556 
JD/MSF  $1,647 
JD/MSIE  $1,564
LL.M.  $1,939 

** The Suffolk University Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO) is designed to assist you in the process of obtaining housing in the Boston area. For more information, contact OCHO at (617) 573-8647.

† Estimated health insurance cost

For further information about health insurance requirements and charges, your student tuition account, and how to interpret your billing statement, please refer to the Office of the Bursar.