Interior view of the Michael and Larry Smith Fitness Center

The brand-new Michael & Larry Smith Fitness Center opens for business on Tuesday, August 30.

Inside this 5,800-square-foot space, you’ll find state-of-the-art treadmills, circuit training equipment, and elliptical trainers. You can also choose your workout (We’ve got 180+ options!) at the Fitness on Demand kiosk and follow along on our wide-screen TV. The center is stocked with all the yoga mats, kettlebells, medicine balls, and other equipment you’ll need.

Open to the entire Suffolk University community, the center also offers four changing rooms, showers, and restrooms.

Michael and Larry Smith Fitness CenterWhat to bring to break a sweat: your Ram Card and appropriate workout gear. What to leave at home: jeans and work boots.

The fitness center will run on a slightly shortened schedule during the first week of classes. Call the Athletics Department at 617-573-8379 to confirm its hours of operation.