Capstone Projects

In the Suffolk Executive MBA Program, you are required to complete an four-month individual capstone project tied directly to your future career goals.

The research focuses on an area of your career you want to explore and develop further. The final deliverable is an in-depth analysis and presentation during your last semester in the program. Industry representatives are invited to the presentation to evaluate your research findings.

See what EMBA student Laverne Auguste and corporate entrepreneur Marvin Kane have to say about the value of participating and evaluating these exciting capstone projects.

Student Laverne Auguste

Laverne Auguste, EMBA ’12, Senior Contracts Specialist, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“I was first introduced to Linda Samuels (Suffolk EMBA, MSc) in September 2011, as my facilitator/advisor/mentor for conducting my research/experiential/capstone project/thesis at Suffolk University as a requirement for graduating from their Executive MBA program.

From our first meeting, I was extremely impressed by her level of professionalism; her vast body of work, experience, qualification, and real-world insight she brought, not only to me, but also for my cohorts who shared Linda as their advisor/mentor. I could sense her passion for learning and entrepreneurship, as she described her business ventures such as Billionaire Babies.

As you can imagine, writing a thesis and graduating with an MBA, I would want to solve all the financial problems in the world. However, with Linda’s guidance and constant mentoring, she helped me tailor a project to suit my future aspirations and really hone in on my passion. With Linda as my advisor/mentor and her commitment to my learning, I can truly say I felt empowered to conquer the entrepreneurial world.

Throughout the past nine months, Linda, provided constructive, meaningful, and applicable feedback to me to ensure I succeeded. Linda also had the uncanny ability and sense to know when I needed help and would call to check on me. Likewise, she was always available for a call to discuss and address any issues that arose during my research and writing. During every call and personal interaction, I knew she was committed to my learning, and she cared about my success. With such commitment and mentoring from Linda, I delivered what I believe to be the most important presentation of my life.

Throughout the process, Linda drove me to think on my feet, think outside the box, and think about strategic approaches and rationale that are not derived from a textbook or case study. In the end, she drove me to think like a leader/entrepreneur/CEO, and that is what leadership is all about…and this is what a great advisor and mentor does….this is Linda!"

Evaluator Marvin Kane

Marvin Kane, Corporate Entrepreneur

“Recently, my good friend and colleague Linda Samuels invited me to sit on a panel of professional business people and entrepreneurs at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University in Boston. The purpose of the gathering was their experiential/field research presentation of their business plans by four of Linda’s Executive MBA students. The members of the panel were there to listen, take notes, ask questions and make suggestions for the path forward. We were, after all, working professionals who presumably had taken our share of hits, gotten up off the canvas, persevered and kept going. I was honored to be invited.”