Boston is a vibrant, international city that also happens to be a top 10 media market. Located at the center of downtown Boston, Suffolk University is just steps away from the city’s top public relations and advertising firms. When you pursue this area of focus, you’ll be perfectly poised to apply your graduate studies at career-shaping internships close to campus.

This dynamic, interactive focus on public relations and advertising will expose you to the latest developments in communication. You can take courses on strategic marketing, public relations, intercultural communication, global branding, gender communication, advertising, campaign management, and much more.

Learning is hands-on here, and you will learn to combine technology and theory to create effective messaging strategies for targeted audiences. To prepare you for real-world success, our state-of-the-art communication facilities feature a cutting-edge social media lab, media production and post-production facilities, and "smart" classrooms designed to foster the innovation and collaboration prized by today’s employers.

You’ll graduate with real-world experience and develop valuable connections to leading advertising and PR firms in Boston, across the country, and around the world.