The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) proposes new academic policies or revisions of academic policies to EPC; engages in the review of new CAS undergraduate programs; and engages in the development and review of the undergraduate curriculum. UCC representatives are appointed by department chairs.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members 2013-2014

Name  Department 
Chambers, Richard, Chair  Theatre
Abrams, Barbara      WLCS 
Bellone, Eric  Government 
Dutton, Andrew  Chemistry & Biochemistry
Eckel, Leslie     English 
Fried, Gregory  Philosophy
Greenberg, Kenneth   Dean's Office  
Iyall Smith, Keri   Sociology  
Jerram, Matthew Psychology
Jiang, Xinxin Math & Computer Science
Jun, Jongbyung Economics 
Karns, Vicki  CJN 
Nolfo-Clements, Lauren  Biology 
Reeve, Pat  History 
Solley, Sean  NESAD 
Zatet, Mohamed      Physics & Engineering 
  • Cultural Diversity Subcommittee

    The UCC Cultural Diversity Subcommittee reviews new courses to fulfill the Cultural Diversity Requirement for the undergraduate curriculum.

    Cultural Diversity Subcommittee Members 2013-2014

    Name  Department 
    Ptacek, James, Chair   Sociology  
    Anderson, Ilona   NESAD  
    Plott, Michele   History  
    Ray, Sukanya   Psychology  
  • Expanded Classroom Requirement Subcommittee

    The UCC Expanded Classroom Subcommittee tracks undergraduate compliance with the ECR requirement for graduation and encourages ECR compliant coursework across all CAS disciplines.

    ECR Subcommittee Members 2013-2014

    Name  Department 
    Fried, Gregory, Chair   Philosophy  
    Hackett, Nancy   NESAD  
    Richmond, Martha   Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Robinson, Elizabeth   Sociology 
    Rosenthal, Bob   CJN  
    Shatz, Lisa   Physics & Engineering 


The Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) proposes new graduate academic policies or revisions of graduate academic policies to EPC and engages in the review of new CAS graduate programs. The GCC is comprised of all CAS graduate program directors.

Graduate Curriculum Committee Members 2013-2014

Name      Program
Boone, Gloria, Chair  Communication 
Baek, In-Mee  Economics  
Berg, John  Political Science  
Bursik, Krisanne  Dean's Office  
Clarke, Karen   Interior Architecture  
Daly, Rita   Graphic Design 
Eisikovits, Nir   Ethics & Public Policy  
Gansler, David   PhD in Psychology  
Greenberg, Kenneth    Dean's Office 
Lally, Mary   Registrar's Office  
Medoff, David   Mental Health Counseling   
Poynton, Tim School Counseling
Ptacek, James   Crime & Justice Studies  
Siegel, Michael  Administration of Higher Education