The Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development (CTSD) solicits and reviews proposals from eligible faculty for Summer Research Stipends, Course Development Stipends, and Course Release Awards. The CTSD makes yearly recommendations to the dean; members are appointed.

Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development Members 2014-2016

Name  Department
Darlene Chisholm, Chair   Economics 
Evgenia Cherkasova   Philosophy
Roberto Dominguez  Government 
Andrew Dutton Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Anna Gitelman NESAD 
Monika Raesch Communication & Journalism 
Dmitry Zinoviev Mathematics & Computer Science 
Krisanne Bursik Dean's Office Liaison 

2014-2015 Teaching and Scholarly Development Award Recipients

Summer Research Stipends
Bonikowski, Wyatt  English
Clarke, Averil Sociology
Dutton, Andrew Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gansler, David Psychology
Huntemann, Nina Communication & Journalism
Kalogeris, George English
McMickens, Tryan Philosophy
Trott, Thomas Biology
Ptacek, James Sociology 
von Platz, Jeppe Philosophy 
Zinoviev, Dmitry Math & Computer Science 
Course Release Awards 
Cherkasova, Evgenia Philosophy 
Lee, Micky  Communication & Journalism
Reeve, Patricia History
Spitzer, Steven Sociology
Course Development Stipends 
Brown, Linda NESAD
Carroll, Sarah Communication & Journalism
Clarke, Karen  NESAD
Connolly, Thomas  English
Hogan, Patricia  Physics & Engineering
Karns, Vicki Communication & Journalism
Lussier, Scott Physics & Engineering 
Miller, Richard English 
Moreno, Iani World Languages & Cultural Studies 
Plotkins, Marilyn Theatre 
Robinson, Elizabeth Sociology