The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) proposes new academic policies or revisions of existing policies to the CAS Faculty Assembly; engages in curriculum and governance review; appraises changes in educational policies and programs; and reviews proposed and potential innovations in education and teaching. The EPC is comprised of one elected faculty representative from each CAS department.

Educational Policy Committee Members  2013-2014

Name  Department 
Bonikowski, Wyatt      English 
Brus, Mark  NESAD 
Bursik, Krisanne   Dean's Office  
Clarke, Averil      Sociology 
Conley, Brian  Government
Greenberg, Kenneth   Dean's Office 
Hogan, Patricia              Physics  
Kelton, R. Harrison  WLCS 
Kim, Henry Economics 
Langstaff, Caitlin  Theatre 
McMickens, Tryan      Philosophy 
Peterson, Celeste  Biology 
Plott, Michele  History 
Richmond, Martha          Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Swenson, Lance Psychology
Wickelgren, Bruce  CJN 
Zinoviev, Dmitry  Math & Computer Science