The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) proposes new academic policies or revisions of existing policies to the CAS Faculty Assembly; engages in curriculum and governance review; appraises changes in educational policies and programs; and reviews proposed and potential innovations in education and teaching. The EPC is comprised of one elected faculty representative from each CAS department.

Educational Policy Committee Members 2016-2017

Name  Department 
Berkmen, Melanie  Chemistry & Biochemistry
Brus, Mark NESAD
Bursik, Krisanne   Dean's Office  
DiBiase, Rosemarie Psychology
Eisikovits, Nir  Philosophy 
Geisler, Deborah CJN
Greenberg, Ken History
Haughton, Jonathan Economics 
Hogan, Patricia CUES
Holley, John Sociology
Irizarry, Cynthia Advertising & Public Relations
Jeffreys, Peter English 
Joyner, Sheldon Math & Computer Science 
McGrath, Tom
Spring Substitute: Harry Kelton 
Peterson, Celeste  Biology 
Savick, Wesley Theatre 
Toyoda, Maria Dean's Office 
Zhang, Weiqi Government 
Ziad, Mostapha Physics & Engineering