The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) proposes new academic policies or revisions of existing policies to the CAS Faculty Assembly; engages in curriculum and governance review; appraises changes in educational policies and programs; and reviews proposed and potential innovations in education and teaching. The EPC is comprised of one elected faculty representative from each CAS department.

Educational Policy Committee Members  2015-2016

Name  Department 
Bursik, Krisanne   Dean's Office  
Clarke, Averil      Sociology 
Conley, Brian  Government
Eisikovits, Nir  Philosophy 
Haughton, Jonathan Economics 
Hogan, Patricia Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jeffreys, Peter English 
Jerram, Matthew Psychology 
Joyner, Sheldon Math & Computer Science 
McGrath, Tom WLCS 
Peterson, Celeste  Biology 
Plott, Michele  History 
Savick, Wesley Theatre 
Solley, Sean NESAD 
Toyoda, Maria Dean's Office 
Wickelgren, Bruce  CJN 
Ziad, Mostapha Physics & Engineering