In our English Department, you will learn how to communicate clearly and creatively--both verbally and in writing--and transfer this knowledge to your future goals.

Write Well

As an English major, the foundation of your craft will be writing. However, English is not only about learning to write well--you will also read great literature from across genres. You'll develop a thorough understanding of British and American literature with the opportunity to explore more specific traditions like African-American, Asian-American, and World Literatures.

Communicate Effectively

You will cultivate your skills in reading, analyzing, and understanding complex material. And you'll share your analytical abilities by being an active participant in class presentations and discussions, both as a listener and a speaker. Finally, your degree in English will give you the tools to understand and discuss significant social and cultural issues that will allow you to forge better personal and professional relationships with your friends, colleagues, and society at large.

At the end of your time in the English Department, you will graduate with a strong, marketable set of communication and analytical skills that will propel you down popular career paths that include law, education, marketing, publishing, communication, politics, or almost any other conceivable job in the corporate or non-profit sector. Learn more about the jobs our alumni pursue on the Internships/Careers page.