Students are expected to attend all classes as attendance is an integral aspect of enhancing academic success. Requirements for attendance and class participation are established by the instructor in each course. Instructors are responsible for informing students about their attendance policy at the beginning of each course. Students are responsible for all material and information covered in classes missed. Students are expected to carefully consult individual course syllabi for course-specific attendance policies, as they may vary by class.

Students should contact the Student Affairs Office at 617.573.8239 or at if they expect to be absent for a period of a week or more.

Students may only attend courses for which they are officially registered.

Jury Duty

According to the Office of the Jury Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “every US citizen 17 years of age or older who is a Massachusetts resident or an inhabitant for more than 50 percent of the time is eligible to serve as a juror. If you are a resident of another state but a student at a Massachusetts college or university, you are an inhabitant for more than 50 percent of the year and, therefore, eligible to serve as a juror in Massachusetts.”

It is not unusual for students residing in Suffolk County or in other Massachusetts counties to be summoned to serve as trial jurors. Jury service, on a short-term basis, can provide students with a good opportunity to fulfill one of their important responsibilities as members of the community. Suffolk University supports students in their fulfillment of this civic duty.

Students should carefully read all materials they receive with their summons to service. They contain helpful information on confirming, postponing, rescheduling, or relocating service and address many of the most frequently asked questions. Jury duty is an important legal obligation, and those who fail to respond are subject to criminal prosecution.

Students who must miss class in order to fulfill jury service should notify each of their instructors at least two weeks in advance prior to jury duty to make arrangements to complete missed work. Students who do not inform their instructors in a timely fashion may not receive accommodations to make up missed work. Students should provide a copy of the summons notice to the Student Affairs Office, located at 73 Tremont Street, 12th floor. If you have questions about jury duty—including confirming, postponing, rescheduling, or limiting your service— consult the Student’s Guide to Jury Duty brochure, available from the Office of the Jury Commissioner by calling 800.843.5879. Additional information may be viewed online at

An Act Excusing the Absence of Students for Their Religious Beliefs

In keeping with the amendment of Chapter 151C of the Massachusetts General Laws, Section 2B, any student in an educational or vocational training institution, other than a religious or denominational educational or vocational training institution, who is unable, because of their religious beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day shall be excused from any such examination or study or work requirement, and shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination, study, or work requirement that may have been missed because of such absence on any particular day, provided, however, that such makeup examination or work shall not create an unreasonable burden upon the school. No fees of any kind shall be charged by the institution for making available to the said student such opportunity. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any students availing themselves of the provisions of this section.