Dan Hahn President 
Sam Matson  Vice President 
Katherine Brustowicz Treasurer
Kellie Shea Chief of Operations
Cherina Clark  Council of Presidents Liaison 
Dionne Osei  Chief of Staff 
Taylor Callahan  Chief Justice 
Michael McKeown Director of Appropriations
Joevrose Bourdeau Associate Director of Appropriations 
Ashley Malans Associate Director of Appropriations
Student Affairs   
Sara Colburn  Director of Social Programs  
Stefanie Shmil Associate Director of Social Programs
Melissa Marquez Associate Director of Social Programs
Stephanie Knightly Associate Director of Social  Programs 
Robert Martin  Director of Student Concerns
Christine Luciano  Associate Director of Student Concerns
Alumni Affairs   
Thomas Murphy Director of Alumni Affairs
Hannah Konowitz Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
 Academic Affairs  
Alexis Brewster Director of Academic Affairs
Noe Leiva  Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Chandra Ulinfun Associate Director of Academic Affairs
External Affairs   
Brittany Peck Director of External Affairs
Brett-Ashleigh George  Associate Director of External Affairs
Jeremy Koufakis Director of Technology 
Diversity & Inclusion   
Shirbrea Ponder Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Christina Fernandes Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Samantha Lebrun  Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Morgayne Mulkern  Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Ines Hadzismajlovic Admissions Office Liaison
Mia Robles American Bar Association Liaison 
Larry Savage Boston Bar Association Liaison 
Noor-Eldin Daoud Federal Bar Association Liaison
Chelsea Novelli Honor Board Liaison
Liz Henderson Mass Bar Association Liaison 
Mollie Heintzelman Professional Responsibility Liaison 
Marketing & Advertising   
Jace Waldmann Director of Marketing