Students interested in public service careers should consider summer and post-graduate fellowships available through Suffolk Law and from external funding sources.

Public service fellowships are available for both summer and post-graduate work, and are often connected to specific practice areas. Generally, post-graduate public interest fellowships award a stipend for a period of one to two years to recent law school graduates working in public interest programs. These awards offer a unique and valuable entry into public interest law.

The Rappaport Center is pleased to announce that 75 students will receive fellowships to do public service internships during the summer of 2014:

Courtney Beal is the recipient of this year’s Thomas J. Drinan Memorial Fellowship. Courtney is spending her summer working in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts.

Alexandra Halprin is the recipient of the Paul R. McLaughlin Memorial Fellowship. Ali is also interning this summer in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts.

• Seven students were awarded a Consumer Law Public Service Fellowship to do consumer rights and protection work at a variety of government and non-profit agencies: Tiffany Johnson (National Consumer Law Center); Alexander Zamenhof (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fair Housing Department); Mara Stewart (Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, Housing Unit); Gabrielle Lomanno (Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, Antitrust Division); and Bridget Sarpu, Nicholas Dagenhart, and Kari Mitchell (all at the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation).

Caroline Clair is the fourth recipient of the Donoghue Barrett & Singal, P.C. Health Law Fellowship. Caroline is working at Health Law Advocates for the summer.

• As a result of the Suffolk Public Interest Law Group’s (SPILG) successful annual auction, SPILG is funding 55 domestic fellowships and 6 international fellowships to Suffolk Law students this year. Recipients of the domestic fellowships will work the following non-profits and government agencies this summer.

o Boston City Council
o Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition
o Boston Police Department, Office of the Legal Advisor (2 students)
o Casa Myrna Vazquez
o City of Waltham Law Department
o Colorado Attorney General’s Office
o Committee for Public Counsel Services (2 students)
o Delaware Department of Justice
o District Attorney’s Office (Essex County)
o District Attorney’s Office (Middlesex County) (2 students)
o District Attorney’s Office (Norfolk County) (2 students)
o District Attorney’s Office (Suffolk County) (6 students)
o Georgia Capital Defender
o Greater Boston Legal Services (4 students)
o Legal Advocacy and Resource Center
o Massachusetts Attorney General's Office (4 students)
o Massachusetts Department of Correction, Legal Division
o Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
o Massachusetts Office of Senate Counsel (2 students)
o Office of Massachusetts Senator Michael Moore
o Quincy District Court, Clerk Magistrate’s Office
o Rhode Island Commission on Human Rights
o Rhode Island Attorney General's Office (3 students)
o Rhode Island Office of the Public Defender (2 students)
o Suffolk University Law School, Housing Discrimination Testing Program
o US Attorney’s Office, Boston (2 students)
o US Attorney’s Office, DC
o US Attorney’s Office, Tampa
o US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
o US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
o US Department of Housing and Urban Development (3 students)
o US Drug Enforcement Administration
o US Securities and Exchange Commission

• Two of our international fellows, Alvaro Aguirre and Aoife Conlon-Martin, will intern at the UN Office of the SRSG on Violence Against Children, in New York. The four other international fellows will be interning at the Center for Disability Law and Policy in Galway, Ireland (Melissa Chen), the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, the Netherlands (Nashrah Rahman), the Center for Legal and Policy Research in Bangalore, India (Steven Treat), and the Legal Resources Centre in Cape Town, South Africa (Camila Valenzuela).

• Three Suffolk Law students will participate this summer in the prestigious Rappaport Fellows Program in Law and Public Policy. Julie Muller is interning at the Civil Service Commission. Cara McCartin is working at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services on the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. David Chorney is interning at the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel.

• Last but certainly not least, three amazing students were selected for the John E. Fenton, Jr. Public Service Awards, the law school’s public service fellowship for graduating students: Dyana Boxley, Brendan Kennedy, and James Matthews. Dyana will be working at the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office in the fall; Brendan will be working as a staff attorney at the DNA People’s Legal Services at their Tuba City (Arizona) office in the Navajo Nation; and James will be the first Meyer Fellow in Suffolk Law’s new Accelerator Practice program.

This amounts to nearly $200,000 of financial support to Suffolk Law students working in public service (not including the significant contribution to the SPILG domestic fellowships from the federal work-study program).

The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service is available to work closely with students to support efforts to obtain these fellowships.

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