All graduates seeking employment should review and follow the steps set forth in PCD's Graduate Job Search Guide found in Symplicity's Document Library under the 'graduate job search' tag. This gives you step-by-step instruction on preparing your marketing tools, commanding job search resources, networking and gaining experience through part-time and pro bono opportunities.


We post new job opportunities on a regular basis. Check regularly for job postings for recent graduates. Contact PCD at (617) 573-8148 or if you need login information or assistance. Graduates also have access to CareerShift to mine the web for additional job opportunities and should check these career related links.


Graduates seeking employment should schedule an individual counseling session with a PCD advisor to create your strategic professional development plan. To schedule an in-person or phone appointment, logon to Symplicity and click on the "Request An Appointment" link in the shortcuts menu.


Volunteer opportunities are a great way to increase your experience and marketability. Visit the MassProBono website and contact our office for more information. You should also check the Volunteer Lawyers Project website.


  • What's Next? Careers in Big Firms, Small Firms, Government, Non-Profits and In-House - Friday, April 28, 12:00 to 1:30pm, BBA. This BBA panel is comprised of lawyers who have worked at firms of all sizes, and in government, not-for profit organizations, consulting firms and in-house legal departments. They will discuss the different career options available to BBA members. RSVP

  • Making Networking Work For You: Find YOUR Networking Style - Wednesday, May 17, 12:30 to 1:30pm, BBA. Networking is a tough task for the best of us, but with a little practice and the right guidance you can make it work for you! The panel will help you to take the work out of networking and will share how they make the most out of making new connections. Learn about adopting a networking style that is a good fit for your personality. This program will also offer particular insights for the introverts among us. According to Susan Cain's The Power of Introverts Ted Talk, over 50% of the U.S. workforce self-identities as an introvert. In this program, panelists will share some of their own networking experiences, tips and tricks that have worked well for them over the years to benefit their professional and personal lives. RSVP

  • The Fundamentals of Clear and Effective Writing - Friday, May 19, 12:30 to 2:00pm, BBA. The program will review strategies for how to write in a clear and organized manner. The panelists will present ideas for achieving a straightforward writing style that effectively communicates the writer’s ideas. RSVP

  • How to Become a Mediator - Tuesday, May 23, 4;30 to 6:00pm, MBA. Have you ever wondered how you could begin to include mediation into your law practice? Come and learn from mediation trainers and attorney/mediators who can provide you with information on how to get trained, how to integrate mediation into your practice and how to effectively market mediation as part of your practice. Whether you are a seasoned litigator or someone who is fresh out of law school, this program has something for you. The presenters will provide attendees with resources and information about mediation and why you should think about including it in your practice. The program will conclude with a Q&A session. RSVP


Join local bar associations to gain access to their professional development resources and excellent networking opportunities.


Visit the Financial Literacy page for questions related to loan repayment and consolidation (including public interest loan forgiveness for federal loans), and other financial aid information.