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Assistant Dean

Gerald M. Slater, Esq.
Assistant Dean
tel: 617-573-8095







Career Counselors 

Margaret Talmers, Esq.
Associate Director for Judicial Clerkships and Internships
tel: 617-573-8150 






David Merson, Esq.
Associate Director
tel: 617-573-8686







Brian R. Vaughn Martel, Esq.
Assistant Director
tel: 617-305-1677







Mary Karen Rogers
Alumni Professional and Career Development Officer
tel: 617-573-8093






Recruitment and Operations Professionals

Elizabeth Armour
Director of Employer Relations
tel: 617-573-8094







Michelle Dobbins
Associate Director for Recruitment and Marketing
tel: 617-305-1674






Andrea McIsaac
Office Coordinator
tel: 617-573-8148