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All JD applicants apply through the Law School Admissions Council. You will fill out and submit the application online at the LSAC website, and you will will submit most supplemental documents through LSAC. Start your application by creating an LSAC account

For more info on the process, visit How to Apply.

Applicants are required to supplement the application with an autobiographical essay (personal statement) discussing the subjective factors that they feel are particularly important to the review of their application. Personal interviews are not required, although the Dean of Admissions reserves the right to request an interview to clarify a question concerning your application.

There is no automatic minimum cutoff system for an applicant's grade-point average or LSAT score. The application review includes analysis of class rank, grade trends, year of graduation, range and depth of courses, and extracurricular activities.

The Faculty Admission Committee operates on a modified rolling admission basis. We do not have an early action application. 

Candidates receive an e-mail from the Law Admission Office with a URL and login information for an online status checker within 48 hours of submitting their application through LSAC.  

At this time, the applicant's file will be considered In Progress (IP).  Once the Law Admission Office has received a completed file, it will be marked as In Progress Complete (IPC) and moved to review by the Faculty Admission Committee.    

The review of completed files begins as early as mid-November with some notification letters being sent during December. Most candidates will receive a decision with 6-8 weeks of receipt of their completed file.


Applicants & Application Deadlines

First Time

First year applicants are applicants who have received, or who will receive, their undergraduate bachelors degree by September 1 of their enrollment year. 

Students who have matriculated into a law program at a non-ABA accredited law school prior to applying to Suffolk University Law School are required to apply as first year applicants and will not receive transfer of credits or advanced standing at Suffolk University Law School. 

Deadline for first year applicants is April 1.


Transfer students are applicants who are currently enrolled in law school, have completed one full year, and are in good academic standing at the end of the year. 

The Transfer application for Fall semester will be available January 1. Deadline for transfer applications is July 1

 NOTE: Students who have matriculated into a law program at a non-ABA accredited law school prior to applying to Suffolk Law School are considered transfer students and may apply with the standard transfer application and require the same documentation. 

Transfer credit will be awarded on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Law Registrar.  No more than 30 credits will be awarded.  Any inquiries regarding transfer of credit should be directed to Lorraine Cove, Senior Associate Administrative Dean and Law Registrar at  


Visiting students are enrolled at another ABA-accredited law school and intend to study at Suffolk University Law School for a single semester or a full year. 

Visiting students must be in good standing at their current law school and credits must be able to transfer back to the original law school.

Visiting students may not transfer to degree status. 

The Visiting Student application for Fall 2015 or the full 2015-2016 academic year should be available by April 13.  Deadline for the visiting student application is July 7

Foreign Educated JD Applicants

Foreign educated applicants are those who have received, or who will receive, their undergraduate bachelors degree from a foreign institution by September 1 of their enrollment year. 

This includes US citizens educated abroad who have received, or will receive, their undergraduate degree from a foreign institution. 

Foreign students are required to conform to the normal deadlines, standards, and requirements for the JD.

Foreign Attorneys/Graduates of Foreign Law Programs

Foreign Attorneys and Graduates of foreign law programs who are intending to sit for the Massachusetts State Bar Examination may be admitted as Special Students to take courses required for the bar.

Application for Special Student Status is on a rolling basis.   

For a ruling on the precise requirements necessary for bar examination eligibility in his/her case, every foreign-educated attorney who intends to practice in Massachusetts should apply to:

Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners
Suffolk County Court House
3 Pemberton Square
7th Floor - Room 707
Boston, MA 02108


Any student who has withdrawn or has been dismissed from Suffolk University Law School who wishes to return must submit a Petition for Readmission to the Law Admission Office.

Please review Section VIA of the Suffolk University Law School Rules and Regulations for readmission policies and procedures.

In addition, no student dismissed for academic, administrative, or disciplinary reasons may apply for readmission to the Law School more than once.

Please contact the Law Admission Office with further questions.

Deferment Policy

Under special circumstances, an accepted student may defer admission until the next academic year. In order to qualify for deferment you must

  1. Be admitted before June 1 and
  2. Must submit a written request to the Admissions Office prior to July 1.

Applicants admitted from the waitlist may not defer. The $500 tuition deposit will be held for the fall entering class and is non-refundable.

In addition, if you wish to defer, you will need to complete by November 1:

  1. A new application (the $60 application fee is not required)
  2. A statement of activities for the period the deferment was granted
  3. Forward an updated CAS Report from LSAC forwarded to the Law Admission Office.

Students who have been granted a deferment should maintain an updated mailing address and e-mail with the Law Admission Office.