Law student in library

Suffolk University Law School’s National Pre-Law Programs are designed to inform and educate college-level students about the entire law school admissions process. Prospective law school candidates will learn about the various components of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and receive tips on how to select the best law school for their needs, finance their legal education, and achieve academic success during their critical first year of study.

A candid conversation between the facilitator and students will set the tone for a comprehensive overview of first-year course requirements, including criminal law, contracts, constitutional law and torts. Students will then be guided through a detailed explanation of the LSAT, to gain a better appreciation for the amount of study time that is required to maximize their LSAT performance. LSAT discussion topics will also include logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning, better known as “Logic Games.”

Students will leave the seminar with key pointers on how to compose a personal statement that compels committee members to say YES, and how they can best prepare themselves to thrive academically during their first year.

Please join us in the Fall at one of our student-centered pre-law seminars at select locations around the country. Note: Pre-law seminar dates for Fall 2014 will be posted in July and August 2014.

Below, you will find specific topics covered during previous pre-law seminars:

  • LSAT exam overview
  • Law school applications/getting admitted
  • Crafting a winning personal statement for the admissions committee
  • Case briefing/legal analysis
  • Understanding and answering a law school legal fact pattern