Our Team

Clinic Director: Eve J. Brown

Lead Business Consultant: Paul F. Nagy

2014-2015 Student Attorneys:

Rajat Bhardwaj

Nicole Cocozza

Heather Duffy

Emmanuel Gonzalez

Kevin Jarvis

Laury Lucien

Maria Jose Rivera

Kailey-Lynn Theriault

Services Offered

The following is a list of services we may be able to offer through the clinic. Actual availability of each service depends on clinic capacity and student attorney expertise at the time you apply to become a client. To apply to become a client of the clinic, please submit the online application available under the "Information for Client" tab.

  • Legal Services For Entrepreneurs and Businesses

    Incorporation and Choice of Entity
    Short and Long-Term IP Strategy
    IP AuditsIP Forms, Including NDAs and Non-Compete Agreements
    IP and Privacy Policies
    Terms of Service and EULAs
    Licensing Agreements and Negotiations
    Trademark Searches
    Trademark Applications
    Trademark Oppositions and Cancellations
    Cease and Desist Letters
    Co-Existence Agreements
    Dispute Resolution

  • For Inventors

    Patentability Analysis and Advice
    Provisional Patent Applications
    Licensing Agreements and Negotiations
  • For Creative Clients

    Copyright Registrations
    Copyright Clearances
    Fair Use Opinions
    Publishing Agreements
    Licensing Agreements and Negotiations
    Dispute Resolution
  • We are unable to provide

    Patent Searches
    Non-Provisional Patent Applications or Filings
    Equity Agreements
    Shareholder Agreements
    Fundraising Assistance

Information for Students

IPEC provides students in their last two (2) years of law school the opportunity to act as student attorneys on real world cases. In the clinic, students counsel live clients on an extensive range of intellectual property and related business law issues. Clients of the clinic include:

  • Artists, authors, designers, and musicians who want to protect their creative efforts;
  • Innovators who seek to protect their inventions;
  • Entrepreneurs, established corporations, and nonprofit organizations with trademark, trade secret, trade dress, contracting, and licensing needs; and
  • Individuals and businesses hoping to acquire or assign intellectual property rights.

IPEC students take primary responsibility for all client matters, under the close supervision of experienced practitioners. Students can expect to gain hands-on experience in conducting interviews, mediating disputes, performing legal research, drafting both transactional and litigation documents, and interacting with the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Specific tasks may include counseling clients on strategies for identifying and safeguarding protectable information, drafting and filing provisional patent applications, registering copyrights and trademarks, negotiating licenses, drafting nondisclosure agreements, prosecuting and defending infringement claims, and incorporating new businesses.

Students enrolled in IPEC are required to attend a weekly seminar covering substantive areas of intellectual property law, emerging topics in intellectual property law policy, basic lawyering skills, and professional responsibility. The IPEC seminar also provides an opportunity to reflect upon and share newly acquired techniques and best practices of client representation, as well as any ethical issues that arise during the clinic experience. In addition to the seminar, students are required to attend weekly supervisory meetings and to maintain case files for all cases and projects.

  • Applications for IPEC are available through the Clinical Programs Office in the Spring.
  • Duration: Full-year clinic
  • Credits: 8 credits (4 credits per semester/letter grade

Information for Clients

The Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic at Suffolk University Law School offers free legal services to protect artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial efforts.

If you are an artist, author, designer, musician, filmmaker, photographer, inventor, entrepreneur, or innovator who wants to protect, acquire, license, or simply learn more about your legal rights, our clinic may be the perfect resource.

Clients are accepted into the clinic on a rolling basis between August and May based on clinic capacity. To apply for clinic services, please complete and submit the application below. You will receive a response to your application within one week.

The clinic is located in the Clinical Programs Office on the first floor of Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont Street in downtown Boston.

For a comprehensive list of the legal services we provide, please see the “Services Offered” tab.

Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic
Suffolk University Law School

Potential Client Application

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out an application does not establish an attorney-client relationship between us. Work will not begin on your matter until we both decide that you will become a Clinic client. You have the right to continue to look for an attorney and decline legal services from us (if offered).

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Resources and Videos

Useful Links

The following are recommended links for artists, entrepreneurs, and others interested in IP information and assistance:

Informative Videos

"Intellectual Property Considerations for Entrepreneurs"

Click on the above link to view a short video discussion of IP considerations for entrepreneurs, featuring IPEC director Eve Brown, Sawyer Entrepreneurship Professor Paul Nagy, and Goodwin Procter partner Steve Charkoudian. This video was made possibly by Founders Workbench, a free website portal that offers information, forms, and resources for start-ups on all legal aspects of forming, financing, operating, growing and protecting new ventures.

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