• Pre-Graduation Courses (Free)

    Non-Credit Bar Prep Course (Saturdays, February-April)

    Available to all students in the spring term of their last year, this non-credit, 3-hour class provides a substantive overview of what to expect on the Massachusetts bar, plus test-taking strategies for answering multiple-choice questions and drafting essay answers. Audio and video recordings of the 3-hour classes also available.

    Advanced Survey of Core Legal Principles (2 credits)

    Elective course that reviews legal principles tested on the bar exam. One section is offered. Open to all students, and required for students with a first-year GPA of 2.67 to 3.0.

    Fundamentals of Massachusetts Law (4 credits)

    This course is required for academically at-risk students (those with a first-year GPA of less than 2.67). Restricted enrollment.  

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  • Pre-Graduation Workshops (Free)

    New York Essay Review Session (April, half day)

    Available for anyone taking the New York bar examination, this review focuses on how to approach a New York essay question, outline a response, and draft a quality answer.

    Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Review (April, two mornings)

    The MPT is part of bar exams in 39 states, including Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, but not currently Massachusetts. (Connecticut will be the 40th state in July 2014.) It tests fundamental lawyering skills by providing realistic case files and having test-takers draft legal documents such as an objective memorandum or a persuasive brief.

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  • Post-Graduation Workshops (Free)

    The Law School offers—free-of-charge—several bar preparation programs following graduation. These programs are designed to supplement—not replace—the commercial bar exam prep courses. You must sign up via Campus Cruiser before graduation. Questions about registration: Law School Registrar's Office

    Massachusetts Essay Review (May, 5:30–9 p.m.)

    Kickstart a regime of intensive bar preparation with this review of how to read, outline a response, and draft a quality answer to the essay questions of the Massachusetts bar exam.

    Massachusetts Civil Procedure Review (May, 5:30–9 p.m.)

    Massachusetts civil procedure is one of the most heavily tested essay areas on the state bar exam.

    Multistate Bar Examination Techniques Review (May, 5:30–9 p.m.)

    This review program should be attended by anyone who is taking the bar examination in any state. This program will provide a review of techniques to be used in answering multiple-choice questions on the Multistate Bar Examination.