October 2009 – Steering Committee established

January 2010 – Subcommittees and subcommittee chairs named for each standard

March 2010 – Suffolk community kick-off event on NEASC self-study, including presentation by representative from NEASC

April-May 2011 – Subcommittees met and drafted their standards

June 2011 – Reports submitted by each subcommittee on their standards

October 2011 – Monthly NEASC accreditation e-newsletter to Suffolk community begins distribution

November 2011 – Subcommittee chairs meet to draft self-study’s projections

December 2011 – Draft of the self-study provided to Acting President 

January 10, 2012-February 10, 2012 – Draft of self-study report posted on University’s intranet for comment and feedback by the Suffolk community

Early March 2012 – Community feedback compiled

April-May 2012 – Redrafting of the self-study report by the subcommittee chairs

Early June 2012 – New self-study report draft submitted to NEASC for feedback

Summer 2012 – Review of feedback from NEASC

September 2012 – Standard subcommittees convene meetings

February 2013 – Third draft of the self-study report completed and posted for feedback by the Suffolk community 

March-May 2013 – Feedback meetings with the community

June 2013 – Preliminary site visit by NEASC site team chair

July 2013 – Subcommittee chairs update and finalize the self-study report

September 2013 – The self-study report is completed and sent to the Commission and the NEASC site team

October 2013 – Open sessions to prepare the Suffolk community for the site visit

October 20-23, 2013 – NEASC Site Evaluation Team visit