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December Topic: Off Campus Access to Network Drives


What are Network Drives?
Storage space on the University server for users to save documents

ITS provides network file storage for employees to store university work content. You are encouraged to use these network folders as this stored information is backed up on a regular basis to protect against data loss.

User and Dept. drives U: or H: drive: This is your Home Network Folder or Share. All work files should be saved to this drive. Department folder/share (drive letter may vary): save or access files used by the department and or suite.


TO ACCESS THESE DRIVES FROM OFF CAMPUS Portal login credential fields

VPN – Remote access to your office machine: open a browser and type:
Login with your Suffolk email credentials The Suffolk University SSL portal window will appear.



Scroll down the page to the HTML5 Access Session section:

HTML5 Access to Remote Desktop launcher

Type in your office computer name and click launch. To find the name of your computer:
Windows: go to the Start Menu, right click on Computer and go to Properties. It is in the third section down.

Pulse – used by Suffolk issued laptop users. An application called Pulse can be installed which, once connected, your shared drive folders are available. Call the Service Desk for install.

Employees who work from home need manager approval. Hourly employees must report all work time



Please send all questions, comments or suggestions to the Service Desk:
Phone: (617) 557-2000


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