Forty Years of Service

 Marc Perlin: Law School
Martha Richmond: Chemistry

Thirty Years of Service

Edith Cook: Math & Comp Science
Steven Ferrey: Law School
Beverly Kahn: Information Services/Operations Management
Melba Leyva: Center for Learning and Academic Success
Joan Luke: Law Clinical Programs
Anthony Voto: Mail Services

Twenty Years of Service

Bob Allison: History  Carter Bishop: Law School 
Annette Lebba: Bursar's Office Janin LaFauci: Law School Support Services
Babs Mello: Law School Support Services
Ramon Nunez: Police and Security
Anthony Polito: Law School
Bridget Robinson: Diversity Services

Ten Years of Service

Martha Amaya-Flores: Police & Security
Paul Bachman: Beacon Hill Institute
Darren Bedgood: Police & Security
Michael Behnam: Sawyer Business School Dean's Office
Sushil Bhatia: Strategy & International Business
Elisabeth Botelho: Sawyer Library
Edward Bowen: Police & Security
Ranjan Budhathoki: Police & Security
Richard Chambers: Theatre Arts
Evgenia Cherkasova: Philosophy
Alina Choo: Student Success
Rachael Cobb: Government
Carolina Comella Surumay: Center for Community Engagement
Lisa Coyne: Psychology
Rita Daly: NESAD
Anthony Del Prete: Athletics
Angely Deliza: Police & Secuirty
Michael DiLoreto: Communications & Journalism
Quynh Doan: Information Technology Services
Roberto Dominguez: Government
Avith Ernest: Police & Security
Sarah Esner: MBA/Graduate Programs
Becca Fiore: Center for Learning & Academic Success
Amy Fisher: Campus Ministry
Erika Gebo: Sociology
Hilary Haley: Student Financial Services
James Hawco: Police & Security
Heather Hewitt: MBA/Graduate Programs
Kenold Joseph: Police & Security
Micky Lee: Communications & Journalism
Joshua Magararu: Mail Services
Laura Marchant: Career Development Center
Jo-Ann Mastro: Counseling & Health Services
Liz McGovern: Strategy & International Business
Steven McIntosh: Theatre Arts
Linda Melconian: Business Law
Christina Mullin: Advancement
Benjamin Ngugi: Information Systems / Operations Management
James O'Connor: Information Technology Services
Carolyn Potts: Information Technology Services
MJ Potvin: Accounting
Meri Power-Ayer: Political Research Center
Mary Ann Sacks: Budget Office
Patrick Shin: Law School Dean's Office
Michael Siegel: Philosophy
Karen Simonyan: Finance
Sean Solley: NESAD
Denyce Wicht: Chemistry