Pay dates and deadlines


Suffolk administrative staff and faculty members are paid semi-monthly on the 12th and 26th of each month. If either date falls on a weekend, payment is made the Friday prior.

For an exact schedule of pay dates, download the semi-monthly payroll schedule.

Administrative staff are required to submit a vacation, personal, and sick time report by the 10th day of each month (for the previous month's absences.)

SUPPORT STAFF                     

                                    SPECIAL DECEMBER 2014 TIMESHEET DEADLINES                  

Due to the University’s closure over the winter break, weekly timesheets for SUPPORT STAFF will be due as follows:

WEEK WORKED                   TIMESHEET DUE                                   PAYDATE

12/07-12/13                        Wed.    12/10  by 10:30 AM.                  12/18/14 regular pay

12/14-12/20                        Mon.    12/15 by 10:30 AM.                   12/24/14 regular pay

12/21-12/27                        Thurs.  12/18 by 10:30 AM.                  12/24/14 advance pay*

* The pay date of 12/24/14 includes TWO payments; one for the week of 12/14-12/20 AND a second “advance” payment for the week of 12/21-12/27. This pay date will be the last one for 2014.

Please note that the first pay date of the NEW YEAR, 2015, is 1/08/15 and will be for the week worked of 12/28/14-1/03/15. Timesheets for this week will be due on Monday, 1/5/15 according to the regular schedule.


Support staff are paid weekly on Thursdays. In the event a holiday falls on a Thursday, payment will be made on Wednesday. Please take notice of all pay-related announcements.

Time sheets are due in the Payroll Office and Drop –Off locations by 10:30am on Mondays. (Occasional changes to this schedule will be communicated to staff and their supervisors.) Timesheets should be sent directly to the Payroll Office (in person or via fax or interoffice mail). Otherwise, please note the following drop-off locations for your convenience:

  • Law School - Dean's Office, 4th Floor
  • Donahue Building - Student Accounts (Bursar's) Office, 3rd Floor
  • Stahl Center - Payroll Drop Box (after hours), 5th Floor (outside the Payroll Office)


Students who hold a job through a work study or other employment award are paid biweekly.

For a complete schedule of pay periods, time sheet deadlines, and pay dates for students, download the student payroll schedule. Student time sheets must be entered into Collegetime by 12pm on Tuesday of the pay week.



Mailing Address:

8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Campus Address:

73 Tremont Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Fax: 617-227-3150


Monday through Friday
8:45am to 4:45pm


Pamela DeMeo
Student/Biweekly payroll

Gerard DiChiara
Support Staff/Weekly payroll

Ann Marie Holland
Administrative/Faculty Semi-Monthly payroll

Trevor Cruikshank
Payroll Assistant