• Who Can Stay At Suffolk University?

    Groups and individual guests who are interested in staying at Suffolk University should submit the Information Request form. Approved guests are typically individuals attending an approved conference, summer interns, summer students, and others pursuing academic endeavors. Approved groups are typically those who are academic or scholarly in nature.


  • I am visiting intern, what application materials do I need to submit?

    All visiting interns must submit a housing application, a $200.00 non-refundable deposit and a letter from your institution. More information can be found on the Internship Housing page.

  • Is the housing deposit refundable?

    The housing deposit secures your stay in our residence halls. Therefore, it is non-refundable unless the Department of Residence Life & Housing is not able to provide you with housing accommodations.

  • Where may I obtain a housing application?

    Housing applications for visiting interns may be obtained on the Internship Housing page. 

    Housing applications for groups and other individuals are obtained by filling out an Information Request form.

  • Do you require housing payment in full before I arrive?

    Individuals staying for less than two weeks, require housing payment to be paid in full before arrival. Individuals staying for more than two weeks, must make the first payment upon arrival. Additional payments are due on the first of each month. 

    Groups are required to pay according to the timeline agreed upon in the contract.

  • Which Residence Hall will I be living in?

    We house summer guests in all four of our residence halls. Notification of your building will be sent via e-mail after all application materials have been received and processed.

  • Where are your Residence Halls located?

    Our Residence Halls are located in the heart of Downtown Boston. Our 150 Tremont Street building is located across from Boston Common. The 10 Somerset Street building is located in the shadow of the State House. 10 West Street & The Modern Theatre Residence Halls are located between Downtown Crossing and the Theater Districts. All are just minutes from MBTA subway stations: Park Street, Downtown Crossing, Government Center, and State Street.

    Nathan R. Miller Residence Hall:
    10 Somerset Street
    Boston, MA 02108

    150 Tremont Street Residence Hall:
    150 Tremont Street
    Boston, MA 02111

    10 West Street & The Modern Theatre Residence Halls:
    10 West Street
    Boston, MA 02111

    More information can be found on the Our Location page.

  • Do you provide dining services?

    Yes, we do! Please see information about our dining options on the Dining Services page.

  • How safe are your residence halls?

    Each residence hall features 24-hour security by the Suffolk University Police Department. Front entrances are locked and are accessed by a key card which is provided only to registered guests. Suffolk University police also frequently visit the residence halls and surrounding areas.

    When travelling in the city, Suffolk University recommends being aware of your surroundings.

  • What amenities do you provide in the room?

    Room amenities will include:

    • Telephone and Local Phone Service
    • Pillow and Blanket
    • Sheets and Pillow Case 
    • Bath Towel and Hand Towel 
    • Cable TV Jack (televisions are not provided)
    • Internet Jack & Wireless Internet (computers are not provided)
    • Heat/Air Conditioning


    Building amenities will include:

    • Laundry Facilities ($1.25 per wash/$1.25 per dry)
    • Recreational Lounge with cable television and pool table
    • Exercise Facilities
    • Computer Labs with internet and free printing


    Additional amenities available upon request:

    • Iron & Ironing Board
    • Hangers 
    • Pots & Pans (for purchase only)
    • Bar soap
  • May I bring a computer with me into my room?

    Yes, you can! Each room is equipped with an ethernet jack and wireless internet. Each guest will be given internet credentials upon request. Computer lab facilities are also available in 150 Tremont Street and Nathan R. Miller Residence Halls.

  • Who is responsible for cleaning the residence halls?

    Suffolk University will clean suite/cluster bathrooms (all residence halls) twice per week for guests staying longer than 2 weeks. Hallway bathrooms (150 Tremont Street) will be cleaned daily Monday - Friday. 

    New linens will be provided once per week on a designated day. Guests are responsible for disposing of excessive trash. Trash rooms are available on each floor of each residence hall.

    Guests are expected to maintain a clean living environment. Guests may be charged a cleaning fee if rooms are left unclean or with excessive trash. 

  • I will be staying at Suffolk University for the duration of the summer, may I bring any appliances with me for my room?

    Guests who may be living in our residence halls for an extended period of time may want to bring a minifridge or microwave. Apartment spaces include major appliances: refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Please review the Permitted and Prohibited Items list and contact us if you have specific questions. The office may be reached by calling 617-305-2500 x 0 or emailing summerhousing@suffolk.edu 

  • Are your rooms air-conditioned?

    Yes. All of our rooms are equipped air-conditioned and individually climate controlled.

  • If I am a guest living in the Residence Halls, am I allowed to have visitors?

    Guests with lengths of stay for less than two weeks may not have visitors. Guests with lengths of stay of more than two weeks are permitted to have visitors during daytime hours or for no more than three consecutive nights in a row, and no more than 5 nights per a 30 day period. Guests are expected to notify roommates in advance about visitors. Visitors are not provided their own room. Both day and night guests must provide satisfactory photo identification upon entering the building. Guests may not have more than two visitors at a time, and visitors cannot be under the age of 16. Guests under the age of 17 are not permitted to have visitors at any time. Some groups may have additional visitor restrictions.

  • Is there parking available?

    Residence Life & Housing does not provide parking with any of our accommodations. However, many local parking facilities are available. Please review this list of area parking facilities.

  • If there is no parking available, how do I move into the building?

    On the date of your arrival, guests may check-in directly in the hall they will be staying in. All halls: 150 Tremont Street, Nathan R. Miller Residence Hall, 10 West Street, and Modern Theatre Residence Hall have an office that is open from 9am-8pm daily. Unless previously arranged, check-in begins at 3pm. Should you arrive after the office closes at 8pm, the 24-hour in-hall security can contact staff to assist with your check-in. A Conference Assistant (CA) is on-call in the building after hours and will come down to assist you.

    At check-in, guests are required to agree to the policies of the residence halls including but not limited to the alcohol/drug policy, damage replacements, and lost key charges. Guests must also provide information for an emergency contact person.

    If you are driving to our residence halls, please know that there is extremely limited street parking near the entrances to the residence halls. If you choose to pull up to the halls, you may have the opportunity to quickly unload your luggage before proceeding to a parking facility. Please make sure the driver remains with your vehicle at all times.