Instructions for CITI Learners (word)

CITI Training Catalogue (web)

OHRP Educational Videos including the following: (web)

  • Institutional Review Board Membership
  • Research Use of Human Biological Specimens
  • Reviewing and Reporting Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events
  • General Informed Consent Requirements
  • Complex Issues with Research Involving Vulnerable Populations
  • IRB Records
  • IRB Records II

Office of Research Integrity Human Subject Training Links including the following: (web)

  • Entering a Clinical Trial: Is it Right for You
  • Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams
  • The Least of My Brothers
  • Ethics and Research in the Community
  • Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research in Humans by UCLA

NIH (web)

Health Resources and Services Administration including the following: (web)

  • Module 1: Evolving Concern: Protection for Human Subjects
  • Module 2: The Belmont Report: Basic Ethical Principles and Their Application
  • Module 3: Balancing Society’s Mandates: Criteria for Protocol Review

Training Modules Online Ethics Center including the following: (web)

  • The Responsible Collection, Retention, Sharing, and Interpretation of Data
  • Special Issues in Conducting Human Genetic Research
  • Ethical Challenges in Research with Human Biological Materials
  • The Ethics of Research on Vulnerable Populations
  • The Ethics Of Research With Subjects Who Have Dementia
  • The Ethics Of Research With Children
  • The Ethics Of Research With Human Subjects Who are Mentally Ill

University of Texas Health

University of Minnesota

Other Resources