Mission Statement

Serving as a connection between students and the wider University community, the Office of Undergraduate Advising advises and advocates for students to improve their decision-making skills, enabling them to explore and choose majors and pursue academic and personal goals. The Office, much like other academic departments, engages in instruction within a body of knowledge and learning with students. The Office also affirms the role of academic advising in supporting institutional mission and the stated goals of the College of Arts & Sciences.

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What We Do

  • Provide academic advising to CAS undergraduate students, primarily open majors with back-up assistance provided for major departments. Assist students in accommodating their academic program to the changing University and school-wide graduation and degree requirements.
  • Assist in the management of the faculty advisory component of the Seminar for Freshmen course.
  • Support academic advising for non-Freshman undeclared students in the college.
  • Actively assist undeclared students in exploring options in choosing a major.
  • Supplement academic advising services for conditionally admitted students.
  • Supplement academic advising services for students placed on academic probation.
  • Provide initial advising and program re-evaluation for students transferring from the Sawyer School of Business.
  • Coordinate advising activities at all CAS undergraduate orientation sessions.
  • Provide information sessions on academic advising and the curriculum to parent groups, Admission events, guidance counselor networks (local, national, international).
  • Work with department chairs, faculty, admission, and Dean of Students to resolve conflicts arising out of academic advising issues.
  • Provide leadership and direction for centralized outreach efforts to improve student retention in the College.
  • Provide a “home base” for the Archer Fellows program .