Graduate students choose the College of Arts & Sciences for two key reasons: rigorous academics and hands-on learning opportunities through research and internships. Our strong reputation and robust alumni network open doors, and our students gain the knowledge and skills to begin, advance in, or change careers in a wide range of fields.

Area of Study Program Department Degree
Administration of Higher Education Degree Philosophy MEd
Clinical Psychology Degree Psychology PhD
Clinical Psychology Certificate Psychology Certificate of Respecialization
Communication Degree Communication & Journalism MA
Communication: Accelerated Degree Combined Bachelor's/ Master's Communication and Journalism BA or BS or BSJ/MA
Communication Studies Concentration Communication & Journalism MA
Crime & Justice Studies Degree Sociology MS
Crime & Justice Studies/ Law Joint Degree Sociology Law MS/JD
Crime & Justice Studies/ Mental Health Counseling Joint Degree Sociology/ Psychology MS/MS
Crime & Justice Studies/ MPA Joint Degree Sociology/ Sawyer Business School MS/MPA
Economics Degree Economics MS
Economics: Accelerated Degree Combined Bachelor's/ Master's Economics BA or BS/MS
Ethics and Public Policy Degree Philosophy MS
Government: Accelerated Degree Combined Bachelor's/ Master's Government BA or BS/MS
Graphic Design Degree Art & Design MA
Integrated Marketing Communication Concentration Communication & Journalism MA
Interior Architecture Degree Art & Design MA
International Affairs Concentration Government MS
International Economics Degree Economics MS
International Economics/Law Joint Degree Economics MS/JD
Mental Health Counseling Degree, Certificate Psychology MS, CAGS
Political Science Degree Government MS
Political Science/MPA Joint Degree Government/ Sawyer Business School MS/MPA
Professional Politics Concentration, Certificate Government MS, CAGS
Public Relations & Advertising Concentration Communication & Journalism MA