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Suffolk’s Mathematics program is about more than just manipulating numbers and solving problems—though that’s a key component. It’s also one of our most collaborative programs, where you’ll transform mathematical ideas into real-world action, working closely alongside professors and fellow students.

Expect to collaborate with your professors on independent research projects and gain hands-on experience working in the field. Math majors are primed to pursue careers in economics, finance, statistics, insurance, and teaching. Some students opt to combine the major with computer science, further broadening job prospects in the lucrative fields of software development and technology sectors.

During your junior and senior years, you’ll enjoy exceptionally small classes and a broad array of electives designed to help pinpoint your areas of interest.

Choose from two majors:

  • Pure Mathematics

    Pure Math is an in-depth study of the subject that provides excellent preparation for graduate school and for a career as a mathematician. Mathematicians create models to solve practical problems in business, government, and industrial or scientific research and development. This major is also ideal for aspiring teachers.

  • Mathematics with Actuarial Concentration

    This unique major incorporates courses from Suffolk’s business school. You’ll learn the theory and practical skills of mathematics, statistics, finance and economics to pursue a variety of careers. Insurance and pension companies need actuaries to assess risk and develop better insurance plans. Brokerage firms, banks, marketing companies, and government agencies need people who can analyze data, forecast trends, and assess loan risks.

Math Outside the Classroom

Our math community thrives outside the classroom, too. Many students supplement their classwork with extracurricular pursuits:

  • Training for the Putnam Competition, a prestigious annual math exam administered by the Mathematical Association of America
  • Participation in the Suffolk Undergraduate Mathematics Society, where you’ll connect with other math students for discussions and guest lectures
  • Enrollment in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), a transformative program funded by the National Sciences Foundation allowing students to gain rare, hands-on scientific research experience
  • Peer mentoring at MATHshop, Suffolk’s math tutoring program