Jefferson Smith ‘07

Legislative Director, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

As Legislative Director at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Jefferson analyzes a complex network of commuting options. However, his own commute to Suffolk was effortless—he simply walked across the Boston Common from the State House.

“Boston is the heart of politics in Massachusetts,” he says, “and Suffolk’s location is second to none.”

Jefferson kept his job as Research Director for the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security while enrolled in the Political Science/Public Administration joint program. “My classes were filled with my current and future colleagues,” he says, “and they were all so relevant to my career trajectory.”

Plus, Jefferson’s Public Administration courses complemented his expanding political prowess. “Learning accounting principles and financial practices opened the door to the wider world of public policy for me,” he says.

Jefferson’s career is a demanding one—and an inspiring one.

“I believe in public service and its ability to lift people up,” he says. “I have the chance to shape public policy for my generation, and to improve a service that my family, friends, and neighbors use every day. As a public servant, I have the privilege of contributing to meaningful and sustainable change.”