The undergraduate degree in Psychology prepares students to pursue a range of post-graduate career paths within the field. Since the major has wide relevance, students are encouraged to explore their own interests and the many intersections of psychology with other disciplines such as law, education, management, and social work. Students anticipating graduate study in the field benefit from collaboration with department faculty who are actively engaged as teachers, researchers, and/or clinicians. The department articulates seven primary objectives of the undergraduate psychology major which include:

  1. knowledge of the theory and research that define the field of psychology
  2. discipline-specific knowledge from the various sub-fields within the discipline (e.g., neurological, biological, social, cultural, developmental) 
  3. discipline-specific oral and written communication skills
  4. discipline-specific analytical and critical thinking skills
  5. experiential and applied skills relevant to the field of psychology and the community at large
  6. an understanding of individual differences and diversity
  7. an understanding of professional ethics and an appreciation of social responsibility pertinent course activities.