Asian Studies is a multidisciplinary program that offers courses in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on Asia, a fast-growing dynamic region that is playing an increasingly important role in economics, politics, and world affairs today. Students in the Asian Studies major will gain a sound understanding of the history, politics, economics, philosophy, cultures and languages of Asian societies and nations.

Students in the major will each have a thematic emphasis or an area emphasis based on their own individual interests. They are also required to master at least one Asian language at the intermediate-level. In addition, students are required to study abroad or, with the permission of the Program Director, have an alternative Asian-American community experience in the Greater Boston area.

Students who graduate with a major in Asian Studies will:

  • Have a general knowledge about the academic discipline of the study of Asia, and a substantial understanding about the chosen theme or area through courses in the concentrated area of study
  • Have an understanding of the significance of Asia in relation to the U.S. and the world, both in the past and in the twenty-first century
  • Be able to demonstrate intermediate-level competence in an Asian language in reading, writing, and speaking and develop cultural awareness and sensitivity to the language
  • Have a direct experience with Asian culture through study abroad or an Asian American community project