Are you passionate about science? Our radiation science programs prepare students for rewarding careers in the medical field, research, and graduate study. Our expert faculty will work with you to tailor a program of study that helps you achieve your goals.

Our programs integrate the studies of physics, radiation, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to graduate with a major in Radiation Science or Radiation Therapy. Post-bachelor's students can complete a certificate in Radiation Therapy or Medial Dosimetry. Entrance into both Radiation Therapy and Medical Dosimetry require a separate application and interview process, due to limited availability of clinical slots.

Suffolk's JRCERT-accredited Medical Dosimetry and Radiation Therapy clinical programs are a collaboration between the Suffolk University physics department and our world class clinical sites: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, North Shore Cancer Center, Newton Wellesley Hospital and Emerson Hospital (medical dosimetry only).

Students in our clinical programs learn from leaders in the field while earning their clinical experience at some of the finest oncology facilities in the country.


Our Programs

  • Radiation Science

    All undergraduate students begin in the radiation science program, gaining a solid foundation in arts and sciences with a special emphasis on physics. Some students choose to major in radiation science, particularly those who plan to pursue graduate study. Others apply to the radiation therapy program during sophomore year.

  • Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy is the careful administration of highly focused forms of radiation to treat cancer and other rare diseases. Students are admitted to this program following an additional interview and application process. If you are selected for the radiation therapy program you will combine your classroom studies with hands-on clinical training at one of our partnering hospitals.

  • Radiation Therapy Certificate

    This program is for students who already hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Some of our certificate students come directly from their undergraduate programs; others are career changers. Students are admitted to this program following an application and interview process.

  • Medical Dosimetry Certificate

    Medical dosimetrists are the "architects" of radiation therapy. As integral members of the radiation oncology team, dosimetrists create computerized treatment plans and perform dose calculations for patients undergoing radiation therapy. Designed for those who already hold an undergraduate degree, our program blends rigorous academics with practicum to prepare students for the challenges of this fulfilling career.