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Suffolk University Theatre Department - Productions in 2016-2017

Miss Julie

September 15-25, 2016
Modern Theatre
By August Strindberg. Adapted and directed by Robert Kropf

Produced by Harbor Stage Company of Wellfleet in association with Suffolk University.

This fiery new version of Strindberg's volatile classic explores how passion and privilege ensnare the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat and an enigmatic hired hand. An unrelenting look at intimacy, status, and desire.

Thursday Sept. 15 - Saturday Sept. 17 @7:30pm
Wednesday Sept. 21 - Saturday Sept. 24 @7:30pm
Sunday Sept. 18 & Sunday Sept. 25 @2pm

Tickets: FREE for Suffolk Theatre students / $10 Suffolk Community / $15-$23 / (508) 514-1763

Join us for talk backs with the cast on Sunday 9/18 & Thursday 9/22

Fall Showcase

October 6-9, 2016
Sullivan Studio Theatre

A festival of student-written and directed one-act plays.

  • Sälem by Andrew John Bourque, directed by Annalise Fosnight
    A chilling wind hurtles through a puritanical town bringing with it mischief, mayhem and magic. What could go wrong?
  • Déjà Vu written and directed by Jack Yeatman
    At a time of war, friends gather together one last time - before opening letters from the draft board.
  • queer, written and directed by Maggie Bie
    Adam and Steve: and other LGBTQ voices that refuse to be silenced.
Thursday, Oct. 6 & Friday, Oct. 7 @8pm
Saturday Oct. 8 @3pm & 8pm
Sunday Oct. 9 @3pm

FREE. Reservations Encouraged.

Spotlight Series

A year-long series of new student work in development.
Studio Theatre, Sawyer Building, 11th floor: 4:40-6PM
Pizza Reception follows each presentation

• Friday, September 23: Just Alright, written by Dylan Amerena, directed by Erica Lundin
What will it take for Murphy to move beyond ‘just alright?”

• Friday, October 14: 45 Reasons, written by Justin Smith, directed by Sara Kerr
Higher Ed Surprise! Stumbling through the unknown unknowns about making it in college

• Friday, November 4: Sperm Soap on a Rope, written by Richard Morin, directed by Sara Kerr
A Yankee Swap – gone wrong, very awesomely wrong.

• Friday, January 27: Title TBA, written and directed by Erica Wisor
Take a sneak peak inside a rehearsal of the yet-to-be-named spectacular!

• Friday, February 17: One Last Night, written and directed by Keynessa Nazaire
Accepting oneself is sometimes the hardest battle...

• Friday, March 24: A Second Chance, written and directed by Ivan Ramirez Cuevas
A journey...  after losing something precious, how can Vella become whole again?

A More-Or Less-Perfect Union

October 18, 2016
Modern Theatre
A documentary film directed by Jim Gabbe
Presented by CitizenArts & the Suffolk Cinema Series
Co-sponsored by the Department of Advertising, Public Relations & Digital Media

This is the first feature-length film to explore in-depth the state-of-mind of the United States of America, whose Constitution was penned by the Founding Fathers to “form a more perfect union.” This unprecedented documentary probes into what really unites/divides us, getting beyond the noise from the pundits and news media entertainment megaphones.

6:30pm (Doors at 6pm)
FREE (Reservations encouraged)

Margo Veil

November 17-20, 2016
Modern Theatre
by Len Jenkin, directed by Wesley Savick

Startling, satirical and funny, drawing from 1950s paranoia, Margo Veil explores the instability and volatility of the human experience and the fracturing of individual identity. We jump into the consciousness of failed actress Margo Veil who uses outlawed technology to leap from place to place, identity to identity - as her reality collides with illusion.

Thursday Nov. 17 & Friday Nov. 18th @8pm
Saturday Nov. 19 @3pm & 8pm
Sunday Nov. 20 @3pm

Tickets: $15 | $10 Students 

Spring Showcase

February 9-12, 2017
Sullivan Studio Theatre

A festival of student-written and directed one-act plays.

  • The Lucid, written and directed by Matt Bittner
    An unusual encounter leads a man and a woman to question their own realities.
  • ~~**2009**~~, written by Kevin J.P. Hanley and Claire Boyle, directed by Kevin J.P. Hanley
    The Enigma of the Pre-Adolescent Brain: Finally Explained!
  • Something Went Wrong with the Mystery Machine, by Ariana Messana, directed by Jessica Hickey
    Advice: what NOT to do when what happens is not logically possible.
  • 900 Mouths Versus The Black Box (A Parade Of Fragments), by Theo Goodell, adapted and directed by Aria Lynn Sergany, assistant directed and choreographed by Erica Lundin
    The colorful and immersive portrayal of a new beginning.

Thursday, Feb. 9 & Friday, Feb. 10 @8pm
Saturday Feb. 11 @3pm & 8pm
Sunday Feb. 12 @3pm

FREE. Reservations Encouraged.


April 6-9, 2017
Modern Theatre
By Virginia Woolf. Adapted by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by A. Nora Long

After a night of debauchery, Duke Orlando wakes up as a Duchess. During her/his/their frolic through 17th century Constantinople, Victorian and 20th century England, and places and selves in between, Orlando asks: "Who then am I?" 

Thursday April 6 & Friday April 7 @8pm
Saturday April 8 @3pm & 8pm
Sunday April 9 @3pm

Tickets: $15 | $10 Students, Suffolk Community with ID & Seniors 

Voices for Now

May 5, 2017
Modern Theatre
Instructors Dr. Marilyn Plotkins and Scott Nicholas

An evening of musical theatre song performed by Suffolk University students.

Friday, May 5 @ 7:30pm

Ticket information to come!


  • 2015-16


    In association with the Actors' Shakespeare Project
    September 26-October 25, 2015
    Modern Theatre 
    by William Shakespeare, directed by Bridget Kathleen O’Leary 
    “Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus.” -Othello, Act I 

    Shakespeare serves up a searing and operatic tale of envy and manipulation. The Machiavellian mind of Iago yields machinations that wreak heartbreaking havoc for those around him while seducing us with his glee and gall.

    Fall Showcase

    A collection of student-written and -directed one-act plays.

    • The Convicted Prophet: The Trial of Warren Jeffs, written and directed by Linnea Rose
      One of the United States’ most wanted fugitives and the true story of the controversial trial that shook the nation.
    • The Lost Queen, written and directed by Kelsey Endter
      A tyrannical ruler sits on her throne, waiting for the day she can have her revenge. But not even she knows of the secrets of her past.
    • Bethena, written by George Brant, directed by Aria Sergany
      Inspired by Scott Joplin’s waltz, this play is a journey through a lifetime of love. 

    Doris Day in Belarus

    An original new play written and directed by Wesley Savick

    A Mysterious Man in a Suit wanders into a room on the fourth floor and asks a theatre student: “Was this the Studio Theatre?” Inspired by the plays of Anton Chekhov and real-life events in the past year, Doris Day in Belarus is a hilarious, tearful goodbye to a beloved home and a celebration of the creative life it has inspired in generations of Suffolk students.

    Spring Showcase

    A collection of student-written and -directed one-act plays.

    • Intoxicating Me, Darling, written and directed by Maggie Bie
      In a room filled with everyone you’ve ever loved, who would you run to? Choose wisely.
    • Oedipus by Sophocles, adapted and directed by Andrew John Bourque
      A re-imagined version of the primal tragedy: the king in a fatal struggle with the gods.
    • How You Remind Me, by Ariana Messana, directed by Erica Wisor
      A troubled alcoholic is reminded of his past memories. 


    A professional co-production with the Boston Playwrights' Theatre
    by Eugene Ionesco, adapted and directed by Wesley Savick

    Sunny afternoon. Newbury Street. Meeting a friend for coffee.
    You’re borderline depressed...crappy job, too neurotic to make the first move with a “gal pal” co-worker, wallowing in self-pity...and maybe just a little hung-over. Everything is normal.
    And all at once, everyone you know turns into a rhinoceros.
    A brand-new adaptation of Eugene Ionesco’s twentieth-century absurdist masterpiece, re-imagined for the twenty-first.

    Sponsored by The Back Deck, Boston. 


    Directed by Paul Melone with Musical Direction by Scott Nicholas

    The hit musical RENT dives deep into the loves and dreams of friends struggling to survive in Manhattan’s gritty East Village. This intensely felt play, winner of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize, explores eternal themes of youth - joy, rebellion, and passion.  

  • 2014-15

    Fall Showcase

    A collection of student written and directed one-act plays.
    Almost Time written and directed by Tom Martin
    New Year’s Eve brings a family together for one last night of laughing, crying, screaming, and dancing.
    Boys, Beds, and Bad Decisions written and directed by Alexa R. Costa
    A potent mix of ex-boyfriends, Netflix and frozen food produces a night Emma will never forget.
    Fire and Rain written and directed by Paige Monopoli
    A dysfunctional Italian family learns to celebrate life and love in the darkest of times.
    The Normal Election written and directed by Bobby Zupkofska
    John Williamson (D) and William Johnson (R) are eagerly running to become the City of Normal’s first mayor. But when the press observes their private lives, what is revealed proves more than the citizens could imagine.

    The Saint Plays

    by Erik Ehn
    directed by Wesley Savick

    Spring Showcase

    A collection of student written and directed one-act plays.
    All Things to All Men written and directed by Nick Castellano
    A visual fallacy, a comedian, and maybe heaven.
    Up In The Clouds written and directed by Raphael Roy
    Secrets hang above the heads of a broken family whose only common ground is found in another world. A mysterious man observes and speculates from the shadows.
    Undateable written and directed by Rachel Fund
    To quiet the criticism about her unconventional ways, Sam must face her greatest fear: dating. Despite advice from her closest friends, Sam discovers that staying true to oneself is the most attractive quality. 
    It Started With A Table written by Stephanie Yackovetsky, directed by Raya Malcolm
    An impending marriage proposal inspires Mira to air contained feelings about her sister, Lily, and drives Lily to reevaluate what is truly important to her. Honest and offbeat, It Started with a Table explores the unique bond of sisterhood. 

    The Servant of Two Masters

    by Carlo Goldoni
    directed by Caitlin Langstaff
  • 2013-14

    Fall Showcase

    Student directed and written one-acts.

    • Daydream written and directed by Tom Martin
    • Scalpel Please written and directed by Tom Martin
    • The Dangers of Eating Dessert Before Dinner written by Rachel Fund, directed by Alexa Costa
    • Yesterday written and directed by Paige Monopoli

    FAB! or whatever

    Party at Hollywood's hottest indie film festival with the scandalous, promiscuous, dangerous starlet Fabulous Miamore, her stoned pals and vicious rivals. Find your place among glamorous entourages, hot-shot agents, truth-seeking sages and ruthless stalkers of the silver screen. Savick's new play is inspired by Luigi Pirandello's Ciascuno a suo modo.

    Spring Showcase

    Student directed and written one-acts.

    • Playing Dead written by Tom Martin, directed by Laurie Riihimaki
    • For Every Reason, Rhythm, and Rhyme written and directed by Marina Silva
    • Hum's Girls written and directed by Ingrid Oslund
    • Hamlet Submerged written by Robert Rejek, directed by Andrew Pinto

    Midsummer Night

    A new musical based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, book and music by Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda, directed by Marilyn Plotkins. Titania and Oberon - rock stars and hot-blooded lovers - are locked in a nasty feud. Their quarrel boils over at a rock festival, entangling the lovers, an infatuated personal assistant and an ambitious roadie with unintended, hilarious consequences.

  • 2012-13

    At Ease

    At Ease is a documentary theatre production about the United States military experience, conceived and directed by Suffolk University professor Caitlin Langstaff with theatre and Veteran students.

    These Seven Sicknesses

    Hilarious, terrifying, and primal; these words describe the Boston premiere of Sean Graney’s adaptation of the Sophocles tragedies Oedipus, In Trachis, Philoktetes, In Colonus, Ajax, Elektra, and Antigone. Savick directs this unique theatrical event—lauded by the New York Times as “entertaining and fresh”—which features Suffolk University Theatre Department students.

    Spring Showcase

    Student-directed one-acts.

    • Josephine’s Baby- Written and Directed by Leslie Steeves The birth of Josephine's baby is not the blessed event that her husband and family were anticipating.
    • Mountain Air - Written and Directed by Ingrid Oslund A young poet retreats to the Appalachian Mountains to look for inspiration. Instead, he encounters two mysterious sisters who open his eyes to a poverty ridden reality he never knew existed.
    • Relationships in Terms of Brownies -Written and Directed by Marina Silva Olivia has her doubts about her relationship with Neil. Seeing another couple fall apart before her eyes and Neil convincing her to take a chance and try a brownie, Olivia realizes what the possibilities of a relationship can hold.
    • River -Written and Directed by Adam Santaniello As two sisters wait by a river to christen a newborn child tensions arise and secrets are revealed. The Crucible Suffolk University Theatre Department presents the classic Arthur Miller play.
  • 2011-12

    Fall Showcase

    Theatre Department directing students showcase their wares in this diverse evening of short plays.

    • Under Covers -Written by Ryan O’Connor ‘12 Directed by Isaiah Rotondi-Gray ‘12
    • Sitcom -Written and directed by Alec Lawless ‘12
    • Boy Meets Girl -Written by Connor Sampson Directed by Lindsay Brissette ‘12
    • The Secret of Mr. Montgomery -Written and directed by Arissara Chounchaisit ‘12 Doctor Faustus Elliot Norton Award-Winning Director David R. Gammons directs Suffolk students in a haunting adaptation of the classic thriller about a demented genius who strikes a terrifying bargain with the devil.

    Spring Showcase

    Theatre Department directing students showcase their wares in this diverse evening of short plays.

    • Bathroom -Written and directed by Ryan Baker ‘12
    • Hydrangea -Written by Deirdre Mcallister Directed by Zack Zatet ‘12
    • The Mother -Written by Mark Ravenhill Directed by Jessica Miller ‘12
    • Four Strong -Winds Written and directed by Brian Pytka ‘12

    Anything Goes

    Stow-aways, gangsters, debutants and the Suffolk University Theatre Department board the cruise liner S.S American. Cole Porter’s wonderful screwball comedy of a musical nearly capsizes with hilarious hijinks, mistaken identities, the quest for true love… and with hits like “You’re the Top,” “I Get A Kick Out of You,” “It’s De-Lovely,” and the fabulous title song, “Anything Goes.” Professor Marilyn Plotkins skippers the crew!

  • 2010-11

    Fall Showcase

    Student-directed one-acts, free and open to the public.

    • The Man Who Turned Into a Stick by Kobo Abe -Directed by Brittany Daley ‘11
    • Bleed (a term to describe photographs without borders) by Kacie Kirkpatrick Directed by Ryan Began ‘11

    Forever, Briefly

    Director Wesley Savick takes Suffolk for a journey through three of Thornton Wilder’s classic one-acts: The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden, Pullman Car Hiawatha and The Long Christmas Dinner.

    Spring Showcase

    Student-directed one-acts

    Car Talk: The Musical!!!

    Suffolk University Theatre Department presents a world-premiere musical inspired by NPR’s favorite call-in show. Written & directed by Professor Wesley Savick.

    Play Day!

    A celebration of original student plays

  • 2009-10

    24 Hour Play Festival

    Students and Alumni collaborate to write, rehearse, and perform short plays in 24 hours. What can you do in day?

    The Green Bird

    Wes Savick directs Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller’s adaptation of Carlo Gozzi’s classic, bawdy comedy from the 18th century. Earnest twins Renzo and Barbarina, on a quest to find wisdom, encounter a magical green bird, power-hungry poet, and wicked queen.

    Fall Showcase

    Theatre Department directing students showcase their wares in this diverse evening of short plays:

    • What She Found There -by John Glore Directed by Ryan Began ‘11
    • Drop the Curtain by Trevor Livingston ‘11 Directed by Kacie Kirkpatrick ‘10
    • Furfur, the Bad Demon -Written & directed by Deirdre McAllister ‘10
    • The Skinhead Hamlet by Richard Curtis Directed by Claire Van Riper ‘11

    Casa Patas

    A performance by some of Spain’s foremost Flamenco artists. The artists will also teach a master class to select students the following day.

    Mortal Terror

    Distinguished Scholar in Residence Robert Brustein’s play about William Shakespeare's creation of Macbeth. The play is set in 1605, the year of the famous Gun Powder Plot, a terrorist conspiracy to blow up the Houses of Parliament. King James commissions Shakespeare to write a play that justifies his right to the throne.

    Spring Showcase

    Theatre Department directing students showcase their wares in this diverse evening of short plays: •

    • Reverse Transcription by Tony Kushner Directed by Bryan Daley ‘10
    • Hansel & Gretel Adapted & directed by Brittany Daley ’11 & Laura Liberge ‘10
    • The Pronoun I by Tennessee Williams Directed by Lindsay Eagle ‘11

    Into the Woods

    The Theatre Department rounded out the year with Sondheim’s classic musical based on Grimm’s fairy tales…and what happens after “happily ever after.”

    Dance Day!

    Dance students perform choreography they have developed over the course of the semester in consultation with faculty.

    Play Day!

    An opportunity for student playwrights to showcase their work throughout the year, Play Day! features readings of original short plays.

  • 2008-09

    24 Hour Play Festival

    Students and Alumni collaborate to write, rehearse, and perform short plays in 24 hours. What can you do in day?

    Fall Showcase

    Student directors explore complex social themes in original and established short plays.

    • Perchance -By Craig Pospisil Directed by Jennifer Laudia ‘09
    • Pandora -Adapted from the songs of Tori Amos and directed by Laura Liberge ’10
    • Bus Stop -Written & directed by Meredith Mitchell ’10

    ZinnFest: Emma

    Marilyn Plotkins directs readings from Zinn’s theatrical exploration into the untold story of one of history’s most fascinating social and political activists, Emma Goldman. Following the reading, Dr. Zinn will discuss the convergence of art and politics in Emma and today with Professor Judy Dushku.

    ZinnFest: Shouting Theatre in a Crowded Fire

    Facing a future of political uncertainty, an ensemble of young idealists try out their own "tiny acts" of resistance to change the world. But will their attempts result in optimism or despair? Righteousness or doubt? Equal parts Marx and Marx Brothers, Shouting Theatre in a Crowded Fire catapults the writings of historian and activist Howard Zinn through a dizzying American landscape of game shows, pop music, and fractured reenactments of the Group Theatre, the Living Theatre, and The Crucible.

    Casa Patas

    A performance by some of Spain’s foremost Flamenco artists. The artists also taught a master class to select students.

    ZinnFest: Daughter of Venus

    Performed both at the C. Walsh Theatre at Suffolk University and at BPT, Daughter of Venus shows us a family in pain, a mother too fragile to carry the weight of her husband’s desires, and a father and daughter emotionally distant to the point of despair. Sometimes the choices we make (or don’t make) have vast repercussions on our world and the people we love. By the author of A People’s History of the United States, Marx in Soho, and Emma and directed by Wesley Savick. Daughter of Venus is a co-production with Boston Playwrights' Theatre.

    Spring Showcase

    Studio Theatre Assistant Professor of Theatre Caitlin Langstaff and senior Joe Jellie create a wildly inventive night of original theatre.

    • Circa: The Boom Goes Bust will be a clown piece in six parts developed with the performers. Mind-Eraser is a roller-coaster of emotion exploring self-identity through a series of monologues, impromptu dances and short skits. Circa: The Boom Goes Bust Conceived and directed by Caitlin Langstaff
    • Mind-Eraser Written & directed by Joe Jellie ’10

    Blood Wedding

    In a new translation/adaptation by Melinda Lopez, Marilyn Plotkins directs Federico Garcia Lorca’s classic drama of desire and repression. The production will include original music by Claudio Ragazzi.

    Dance Day!

    Dance students perform choreography they have developed over the course of the semester in consultation with faculty.

    Play Day!

    An opportunity for student playwrights to showcase their work throughout the year, Play Day! features readings of original short plays.

  • 2007-08

    The English Channel

    Suffolk University, in association with The Vineyard Playhouse, presented the professional world premiere of Robert Brustein’s play, The English Channel, at the C. Walsh Theatre. The play is a comic and provocative imagining of Shakespeare’s coming of age as a playwright.

    24 Hour Play Festival

    Teams of talented alumni and students will write, rehearse, and perform a series of 10-minute plays—all in less than 24 hours! What can you do in a day?

    Fall Showcase

    Two veteran student directors explore modern interpretations of classic stories. The Frog Prince is a whimsical fairy tale that seeks the true nature of love and The Trial puts a modern spin on Kafka’s terrifying journey through the wrong-side of the legal system in a totalitarian state.

    • The Frog Prince By David Mamet Directed by Greer Rooney ‘08
    • The Trial Adapted by Rachel Lampert from the novel by Franz Kafka Directed by Purnima Baldwin ‘08


    Written & Directed by Wesley Savick

    Adapted from the writings of James Hillman, Chris Hedges and Lawrence LeShan Inspired by the writings of James Hillman (A Terrible Love of War), Chris Hedges (War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning & What Every Person Should Know About War) and Lawrence LeShan (The Psychology of War : Comprehending Its Mystique and Its Madness), Professor Wesley Savick explores the nature of war in this original work for the stage. How do we make war “normal?” Is war an inevitable and fundamental part of the human condition? Can our impulse for war ever be tamed? This theatrical event incorporates mythology, stage combat, live music and a sweeping array of personal accounts to explore the contradictory nature of war within all of us.

    Spring Showcase

    A celebration of new student directors and writers, Spring Showcase is an opportunity for first-time writers and directors to explore their creative voices alongside some of the Department’s more experienced students.

    • Dancing with a Devil By Brooke Berman Directed by Alix Goldsmith ‘08
    • The Guilt Written & Directed by Julia Gustafsson ‘08
    • On Shame Written & Directed by Rachel Kelsey ‘08
    • The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry By Carole Real Directed by Elyssa Newcorn ‘09

    Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

    At the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Tribe, a group of politically-active friends (also known as Hippies) fight for their bohemian lifestyle and against the War in this ground-breaking rock musical directed by Theatre Department Chair, Dr. Marilyn Plotkins.

    Play Day!

    An opportunity for student playwrights to showcase their work throughout the year, Play Day! features readings of original short plays.

  • 2006-07

    September Showcase

    • 27 Wagons Full of Cotton By Tennessee Williams Directed by Jonathan Orsini ‘07
    • How To Kill a Robot By Theo Goodell ‘07 Directed by David Foley ‘07

    One-Act Play Festival

    • Loyalties By Murphy Guyer Directed by Purnima Baldwin ‘08
    • Full Circle Written & Directed by Rachel Kelsey ‘08
    • Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You By Christopher Durang Directed by Amy Frizzi ‘08

    Candide, or Optimism

    Adapted by Len Jenkin From the book by Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire Directed by Peg Denithorne

    Centennial: about a hundred years

    Written & Directed by Wesley Savick

    Spring Showcase

    • Tout Compendre, C’est Tout Pardonner Written & Directed by Caitlin Kenney ‘07
    • Very Savage Written & Directed by Theo Goodell ‘07

    Play Day!

Student Proposals

The Theatre Department avidly supports the work of student directors and playwrights. We "call for proposals" for student-initiated projects in the spring of each year. For questions, please see a member of the Department faculty or staff.

Proposal Forms:
December, 2016: The Theatre Department will call for student proposals for the Professional Development Grant. More information to follow.

January, 2017: The Theatre Department will call for student directing and playwriting proposals for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring Showcases. More information to follow.

Boston Music Theatre Project

The Boston Music Theatre Project (BMTP) is the oldest professional organization in the Greater Boston area dedicated to supporting the work of early and mid-career composers and librettists and the development of new musicals. The theatre department also commissions professional writers to create original musicals with theatre department students. Past BMTP musicals have appeared in the Nashville Opera, New York Musical Theatre Festival, Prince Music Theatre, and off-Broadway.