Sociologists are driven by the need to improve the lives of others. As a sociology major, you’ll study how humans relate to one another and why they thrive—and flounder—in different societies. By asking important questions about human behavior, family structures, socioeconomic differences, and gender gaps, you’ll become a catalyst for social change. Suffolk encourages students to think globally, and you’re urged to challenge the status quo and seek ways to improve our world. Sociologists often go on to careers in government, nonprofits, business, and law. A popular major, this department is the second-largest at Suffolk with a robust faculty and a helpful peer-to-peer tutoring program.

About the Program

Suffolk underscores the importance of real-world experience. In addition to your coursework, juniors and seniors have the chance to engage in practicums to conduct fieldwork and help underserved segments of the population. Our well-connected faculty help students find internships at local courts, youth services centers, law firms, and crisis centers. Suffolk also offers a respected Master’s program in Crime and Justice. You’ll benefit from those resources, most notably our renowned Center for Crime & Justice Research. Suffolk is noted for expertise in:

  • Juvenile justice
  • Men in prison
  • Domestic violence

Choose from concentrations in:

  • General Sociology

    You’ll gain a broad base of knowledge in the social sciences by exploring issues of social injustice, progress, and economic disparity, and human behavior. This is an excellent choice if you’re interested in human services and community advocacy work. The broad base of courses in research, analysis, and the social sciences gives you a strong foundation for graduate work, too.

  • Crime and Justice

    Suffolk is home to the renowned Center for Crime & Justice Research. You’ll have the opportunity to work with the center to conduct specialized research projects to assist government agencies, private businesses, community groups, and academic institutions, and local courts. Consider this track if you want to pursue a career in criminology, victim advocacy, or legal work.

  • Health, Medicine, and Body

    The healthcare sector is the fastest-growing job area in America. In this cutting-edge concentration, you’ll learn how cultural, political, and economic issues affect our bodies and our health. Many of our graduates go on to careers in health care administration at hospitals, drug enforcement work at government agencies, or social work. Boston is home to the top hospitals in the world.

The Sociology Department also offers a (non-licensure granting) minor in Education Studies.