Suffolk’s English majors explore the powerful connections between literary themes with modern issues. You’ll learn to articulate strong points of view, compose your thoughts in an organized and creative way, identify major literary themes, and draw lessons from groundbreaking works that illuminate aspects of the human condition. You’ll also benefit from Suffolk’s proximity to the Boston Public Library, the country’s first large public library. Boston has been home to legendary writers for generations, from Emerson to Alcott to Thoreau to Plath. Our campus is set among many literary landmarks—including the Old Corner Bookstore, part of the Freedom Trail. So it’s not surprising that writing is a strong focus here, with its own specialized concentration and minor:

  • Creative Writing

    In addition to your coursework in English, you’ll enjoy a series of workshops, many run by notable visiting scholars. Suffolk is also home to a dedicated Poetry Center within our state-of-the-art Mildred Sawyer Library. The center is one of Boston’s creative hubs, home to our own poetry collection as well as a series of public seminars, workshops, readings that you’re encouraged to attend. Suffolk also publishes a renowned literary journal, Salamander, a valuable creative outlet for creative writing students.

You’ll also have the chance to explore the foundations and impact of literature on society:

  • Classics Minor

    Students focus on the foundational texts and artistic expressions of the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions in order to discover the qualities that make these works enduring in relevance. The program is for students who wish to gain an understanding of the foundations of their major studies in disciplines such as English, history, humanities, modern languages, and philosophy. The classics minor also provides students with the option of studying an ancient language.

  • History and Literature Honors Major

    This Honors program provides interested and qualified students the opportunity to explore in-depth the relations between history and literature. Our admissions-only Honors program gives you the opportunity to take classes in both disciplines.

Suffolk is also home to a branch of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society.