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Our program is tailored to your goals. You’ll start by gaining a firm foundation in communications and journalism with courses in effective speaking, concise writing, and critical thinking. Then you’ll enter the experiential phase, where you’ll pinpoint a concentration to gain specific knowledge and hands-on experience. You’ll work with mentors who are thought influencers in the field—the Suffolk classroom and the city beyond is your oyster.

Choose from concentrations in:

  • Advertising

    This concentration teaches you how to package thoughts, concepts, and products. You’ll begin with two basics: communication theory and basic presentation skills. Then you’ll advance to design and production, copywriting, media planning, and new media and markets.

  • Broadcast Journalism

    In addition to the basics of communication theory and presentation skills, you’ll gain invaluable experience at our two campus TV shows, Suffolk U News and Temple Street. Internships are also a crucial component: Graduates have worked at New England Cable News, PBS, and more.

  • Communication Studies

    Savvy messaging is essential in a variety of fields, from law to public relations to politics. Classes in this versatile concentration include persuasion, the rhetoric of protest, and organizational communication.
  • Film

    Get hands-on experience in film and video coupled with a broadened worldview: Our concentration has a global scope, with seminars on Middle Eastern cinema, feminist struggle in developing nations, and the Asian diaspora. State-of-the-art editing equipment and film labs provide hands-on learning.

  • Media

    “Media” is an evolving concept, constantly innovating as technology develops. This concentration blends key courses in cinema, media production, and law with for-credit internships in TV production, film-making, media law, and business.

  • Print Journalism

    As the pendulum swings from print to digital journalism, you’ll gain universal skills that can be applied in print and online, including copyediting, feature writing, criticism, and reporting—and many of these courses are taught by distinguished reporters. You’ll also meet guest lecturers culled from the city’s talent pool, including prizewinning Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi and Vanity Fair editor-at-large Cullen Murphy.

  • Public Relations

    You’ll learn how to package a message so it packs a punch—whether it’s for a politician, a major corporation, or a powerhouse PR firm (and our alumni work for all three). This concentration blends journalism with event planning, organizational communication, and social media.