Maureen Norton-Hawk, PhD, Co-Director

Maureen Norton-Hawk has an active record of involvement on issues related to female offenders, community corrections, and drug use. She has conducted relevant research for the National Institute ofustice, the Suffolk County House of Corrections, Nashua Street Jail, MCI-Framingham, and the Boston Municipal Court.

Maureen Norton-Hawk also serves as a tenured associate professor within the Department of Sociology and Graduate Program in Criminal Justice at Suffolk University.

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Gini Mann-Deibert, PhD, Co-Director

Professor Mann-Deibert's research centers on media, crime and delinquency, with a particular focus in the intersection of crime and sexuality. She is currently finishing research on public perceptions of sexual offenders. Her co-authored book titled, Fight Time: The Normative Rules and Routines of Interpersonal Violence was published in 2006. She is currently working on a second book which examines public perceptions of sex offenders and the myths which generate public policy. In addition, Dr. Mann-Deibert is involved in a multi-phased analysis of film, gender and sexuality.

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Erika Gebo, PhD, Research Associate

Professor Gebo believes in active scholarly engagement with the wider community. She does so through funded grant work on issues related to youth justice and assistance to community responding to youth violence, as well as through her work as a research associate for the Center for Crime and Justice Policy Research. Where possible, students are brought into research projects in order to engage more directly with the topic under study. Her current research focuses on how institutions, such as schools and community agencies, can inhibit or promote delinquent and gang behavior and the policy implications derived from that.

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Research Assistants

Jennifer Sturman
Jennifer Sturman is a Master's level candidate in Crime & Justice at Suffolk University. She has a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in sociology, with minors in psychology and women's, gender, and sexuality studies. She is currently working for the CCJPR on a quantitative study of previously incarcerated women in Massachusetts.

Jennifer is also continuing her undergraduate research, a qualitative study on recidivism and desistance among Massachusetts lifers (typically convicted of murder in the second-degree). Her research interests are homicide and lethal violence, incarceration and corrections, women and crime, social policy, and comparative criminology.

Student Interns

Hannah Hostetler is a junior completing her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Crime and Justice. Hannah has worked for the Boston Police Department and Jane Doe Inc. Hannah will be presenting at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference in 2013 on her research, “Sex Sells: Media Framing American Understanding of Human Trafficking.”