Amy Monticello, MFA

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Phone: 617-573-8273
Fax: 617-305-1744

Office Location: 8057, 8th Floor, 73 Tremont Street


  • MFA, The Ohio State University
  • BA, Ithaca College


Single Author Works

Close Quarters. Chapbook. Sweet Publications, 2012.

Anthology Inclusions

Tuscaloosa Writes This, “Communing with Cancer,” Eds. Brian Oliu and Patti White, Slash Pine Press, 2013.

Going Om, “Against the Pursuit of Happiness,” Ed. Melissa Carroll, Viva Editions/Cleis Press, forthcoming 2014.

Journal Publications, Creative Nonfiction

“Waiting for My Milk During the Polar Vortex, I Channel William Blake.” The Common. 4/16/14

“Moderation is the Key.” Prime Number. Issue 47.3.

“Shame.” Brevity. Issue 45.

“The Short Summer.” The Common. 6/26/13.

“The Faces We Carry.” The Nervous Breakdown. 5/14/13.

“Eighteen One-Sided Conversations With My Father.” WomenArts Quarterly Journal. Issue 3.1.

“Playing the Odds.” The Nervous Breakdown. 4/6/13.

“Communing with Cancer.” 3/4/13.

“The Public Man.” The Nervous Breakdown. 12/9/12.

“Loving Captain Corcoran.” Stone Canoe. Issue 7.

“Against the Pursuit of Happiness: A Meditation.” The Nervous Breakdown. 8/27/12.

“Just a Number.” Strange Angels. 7/30/12.

“I Know Who You Are.” The Nervous Breakdown. 7/15/12.

Untitled 140-character micro-essay. Creative Nonfiction. Issue 44.

“How to Euthanize a Horse.” Natural Bridge. Issue 28.

“The Other Woman.” Iron Horse Literary Review. Issue 14.3. Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2013.

“Christmas 1984.” The Nervous Breakdown. 12/15/11.

“Suburban.” Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. Issue 8.4.

“A Good Man.” WomenArts Quarterly Journal. Issue 1.4. Nominated for Pushcart Prize.

“Adopted Siblings: Part One.” The Nervous Breakdown. 9/1/11.

“Southpaw: One Week as a Leftie.” The Nervous Breakdown. 7/28/11.

“Dear M---, It’s Me Again, Amy.” The Nervous Breakdown. 6/6/11.

“Chimney Swift.” Sweet: A Literary Confection. Issue 3.3

“The North Side.” Phoebe. Featured online content. 12/7/11.

“All the Ways We Fool Ourselves.” Waccamaw. Issue 10. Nominated for Pushcart Prize.

“Getting Caught.” Prick of the Spindle. Issue 4.2.

“Winter.” Upstreet. Issue 6.

“Miracles We Get.” Redivider. Issue 6.2.

Craft Articles

“In Defense of the Confessional: Parenting, Inclusivity, and J.D. Schraffenberger’s ‘Droppies Babies’.” Essay Daily. 6/23/14.

“Hello New Year, Hello 30: A Craft Conversation with Marissa Landrigan.” Her Kind: A Literary Community Powered by VIDA. 1/9/13.

“More Than One True Thing.” Waccamaw. Issue 11.

“The Place Where Opposing Instincts Meet.” Tuscaloosa Writes This. Eds. Brian Oliu and Patti White, Slash Pine Press, 2013.

Pedagogy Articles

“The Advice Column Personal Essay.” The Creative Writers’ Collaborative. 2012.

“From Private to Public: Moving Personal Narrative to Cultural Analysis." Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Best of the Pedagogy Papers 2007.

Book Reviews

“Choosing Not to Know: A Review of B.J. Hollars’ In Defense of Monsters.” The Nervous Breakdown.


Honoree, Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2013.

Winner, S.I. Newhouse School Prize in Nonfiction, 2013.

Recipient, certificate of appreciation for collaborative course development. Ithaca College Division of Student Affairs, 2011.

Recipient of commendation letter for excellence in teaching from The Ohio State University’s First-Year Writing Program, 2006.

Winner, Ithaca College Writing Contest in creative nonfiction and poetry, 2005.