Da Zheng, PhD

Department of English
Director, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 617-573-8223
Fax: 617-305-1744
Email: dzheng@suffolk.edu 
Office: Fenton Building, Rm. 336


  • PhD, Boston University
  • MA, Boston University
  • MA, Shanghai International Studies University
  • BA, Beijing Language and Culture University

Reseach Interests

  • American literature
  • Asian American literature
  • Popular culture and Chinese diaspora writings

Recent Publications

西行画记 (Biography of Chiang Yee).Beijing: Commercial Press, 2012.

也是江州一司马,青衫不为女儿湿 (Significant Roles of Three Women in Chiang Yee's Life and Career) 二十一世纪 (Twenty-First Century). 133 (Oct 2012) 105-15.

Lady Precious Stream, Diaspora Literature, and Cultural Interpretation.” In Eds. Kwok-kan Tam and Kelly Kar-yue Chan. Culture in Translation: Reception of Chinese Literature in Comparative Perspective (Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong Press, 2012) 19-32.

“Let Us Remember Fengliu instead of Miseries: Dayou Poems and Chinese Diaspora.” Journal of Transnatioanl American Studies, 4 (1) 2012. http://www.escholarship.org/uc/item/2b9067vd

Chiang Yee: The Silent Traveller from the East. Rutgers UP, 2010.

“Sampan: A Bilingual Bridge.” Chinese Journal of Communication. 2:2 (July 2009) 227-246.

“Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Culture in America.” Journal of Chinese American Studies. 14 (August 2007) 48-77.

“Motherland and Chinese Diaspora.” Chinese America: History and Perspective. (2007): 207-12.

“Religion of Non-Religion in the Cultural Revolution.” American Review of China Studies. 7:2 (Fall 2006) 27-37.

“Chiang Yee.” Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ed. by Deborah Madsen. (MI: Thomson Gale, 2005) Vol. 312: 36-43.

“Writing of Home and Home of Writing.” Comparative American Studies. 1:4 (2003) 488-505.

“Double Perspective: The Silent Traveler in the Lake District.” Mosaic. 31.1 (2003) 161-78.


Asian Studies Program

Courses Taught

American Literature
World Literature in English
American Prose 1870-1920
Asian American Literature
Asia in American Literature