D. Quentin Miller, PhD

Professor & Chair
Department of English

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Fax: 617-305-1744
Email: qmiller@suffolk.edu 
Office: Fenton Building, Rm. 334



  • PhD, University of Connecticut
  • MA, College of William and Mary
  • BA, Boston College



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Creative Writing/Miscellaneous

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Courses Taught

ENG 101/102 - First-Year Composition
ENG 216 - World Literature in English
ENG 218 - American Literature 2
ENG 357 - African American Literature 
ENG 359 - Selected African American Writers
ENG 360 - Early 20th Century American Fiction
ENG 361 - Contemporary American Fiction 
ENG 367 - Mid-20th Century American Fiction
ENG 370/470 - Fiction Writing Workshop I & II
SF 194 - The Rebirth of Tragedy: Rock Music 1968-1972