ASB Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Alternative Spring Break and what is alternative about it?

ASB is a semester-long program that engages Suffolk students, staff and faculty in educational programming and service trips. Through these trips, participants explore a variety of social justice-related issues such as poverty and affordable housing, LGBTQ and civil rights, and environmental conservation. Suffolk ASB groups complete a week of service work in a drug and alcohol free environment (even if you are of legal age), making it an alternative to other spring break experiences.

How does the application process work?

Applications are submitted through SUConnect and reviewed by ASB student leaders. Following review of the written applications, ASB student leaders will contact applicants to schedule an interview. Prior to acceptance into the program, applicants will be subject to a review by the Dean of Students Office for final approval. You should hear about the decisions by mid-November. There are typically twice as many applicants as there are spaces in the program.

How do we travel to the sites?

Most of our trips include a flight to an airport close to the service site. The group will then pick up rental vehicles to drive to their destination and for use throughout the week.

What are the accommodations for ASB trips?

Accommodations vary from site to site and we often do not receive housing details until the spring semester. In the past, groups have stayed in a variety of settings depending on the site - rustic cabins, church basements, community centers, hostels, etc. Mattresses are sometimes provided; other times participants need to bring a sleeping pad to comfortably sleep on a floor. Every effort is made to communicate the accommodations to the ASB groups as soon as we have them. If you have questions or concerns about housing, please contact CCE staff.

How many people go on each ASB trip and what are the dates of the trip?

Each ASB group is comprised of 14 people: 2 student leaders, 2 staff/faculty/graduate fellow facilitators, and 10 student participants. In 2017, there will be seven trips traveling from 3/12/17 to 3/18/17.

What do we do at the weekly meetings, and do I need to attend them?

During the spring semester each group meets once per week on either a Tuesday or Thursday during the activities period from 12:15-1:30 pm. Attendance at the weekly meetings is mandatory. Students who miss 2 or more meetings will not be permitted to attend the ASB trip. The weekly meetings are a critical component of ASB and will prepare you to create a rich and meaningful service experience.  They are a time to get to know your group, learn about social justice issues through the ASB curriculum, and acquire important information regarding your trip. There are two post-trip meetings. We do our best to schedule the trip meetings based on participant availability on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Do I get to choose where I go? When will I find out my trip?

No, you do not get to choose your trip destination. We make every effort possible to match the type of trip you express interest in with your trip assignment, but we can’t guarantee that you will be given your first choice. You will find out your trip assignment and meeting schedule when ASB positions are offered in mid-November.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with questions. Center for Community Engagement: 617-305-6306 or