Welcome to the specialized world of Associate Professor Kuo-Ting (Ken) Hung, chair of the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, whose research is helping companies to collaborate in innovation and to streamline the flow of goods and services at major international companies, such as Starbucks.

“When you begin to peel back the layers of manufacturing, service, and distribution, you realize that the products and services we enjoy were put together using things from many different countries, thousands of miles away. The supply chain systems are so complex these days that we often do not know something is wrong until it is too late,” said Hung, who applied this knowledge to create a concentration in global supply chain management for the MBA.

“My research keeps me current about the real business world and enables me to share new insights in contexts that are relevant and interesting to my students.” The MBA concentration in global supply chain management can be found in the Institute for Supply Management’s listing of supply chain educational programs.

Born in Taiwan, raised in Singapore, and with years of consulting experience in the U.S., Hung holds master’s degrees and a PhD from the University of Michigan. His expertise in the way international firms work together to move goods around the globe exemplifies the Sawyer Business School’s global focus. When he sees that focus in a group of students–as he did during a particularly insightful student presentation at Starbucks–he swells with pride.

“Their analysis was thorough; the presentation was well-rehearsed; and the recommendations were thoughtful. It was professional grade,” he said. “I had chills at that moment, knowing that I have made a different in how they will see and manage operations in their future careers.”


Chair and Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
Phone: 617-573-8395
Fax: 617-994-4228
Email: khung@suffolk.edu
Office: 73 Tremont St., Rm. 7100

Areas of Expertise

  • Supply Chain and Operations Improvement
  • System Modeling
  • Simulation Analysis
  • Data Analytics


PhD, MS, BS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor