The Challenge

The Twitch competition awards the best product pitch delivered via Twitter. Students have a week to perfect their tweets before the competition. This year's competition will take place November 18, 6-8pm on the first floor of 73 Tremont Street.


  • You must follow @SuffolkENT
  • Individual submissions only 
  • Social media language is allowed (ex. u = you)
  • 60 seconds to type your tweet in front of a live audience

Judging Criteria

  • Crafted an indirect sales pitch
  • Linked to relevant content such as a blog post, video, or other content of interest
  • Used fewer than 140 characters to include space for re-tweets
  • Included hashtags
  • Used CAPS for emphasis
  • Overall quality of twitch

2013 Winner

Students had to pitch Unsully, a premium mobile car wash brought to your home. Senior entrepreneurship major Tara Fortunato came in first place. She won an iPad mini with her tweet:

I'm LOVING @unsully #MOBILE #carwash. Can't wait for my car to look great year round without leaving my house..vroom vroom ;) @Suffolk ENT