The Business School Alumni Board represents alumni of the Sawyer Business School programs.

The board meets quarterly and consists of subcommittees that meet independently prior to each full board meeting to establish and plan programs for the Alumni Association. At the full board meeting, the chairperson of each committee reports on that committee’s activities.


Bradley MacDougall, MBA'09

Vice President

Ken Mooney, BS'77, MBA'80


John Schwartz, MHA'11

Board Members 2014-2015

Jerry Cogliano, BSBA '85, MBA '90
Michael Collins, MSF '07
Francesco Daniele, MBA'04
Steve Douillette, BSBA'08
Sean Patrick Harrington, MBA'04
John Mack, MBA '79
William McIsaac, BSBA '70
Dawn Perry, JD'95, MBA'04
Stacy Pipich, MBA'11
Edward Rosenau, MBA '05
Susan Rugnetta, BSBA'81
Antonio Sgro, MBA '00
Kim Silva, BSBA'03, MBA'07
Gary Sullivan, BSBA'91

Associate Members

Suzanne Dube, MBA'07
Ed Ryan, MBA'73

Alumni Trustee

John McDonnell, BSBA '83