Partner Universities and Study Abroad Programs

During the study abroad application process, you will meet with an Academic Advisor to have your courses approved. We recommend researching courses offered at the study abroad institution that are both interesting to you and meet some of your requirements at Suffolk. When you go to your meeting with Academic Advising, you should be prepared with the course descriptions and schedule.  

Once you have been approved to study abroad, you will be registered for "placeholder courses" at Suffolk University as determined by your advisor. Courses that you take at a partner university will appear as transfer credits on your transcript as long as you receive a passing grade in the course. In order to pass the course, students need to receive a letter grade of "C" or higher. A student's GPA will be unaffected by the semester spent abroad. 

Suffolk Madrid Campus 

Students studying at the Suffolk Madrid campus will also have their courses pre-approved by the Academic Advising Center during the application process. Students will then register online on their assigned registration date and time for the classes they selected (this is the same MySuffolk process that students use to register for courses at Suffolk's Boston campus). Students must take at least 12 credits to maintain their status as a student for visa purposes.

Students taking courses at Suffolk Madrid will receive credits and the letter grades for their courses. These grades and credits will be reflected on the student's transcript and will factor into the student's GPA.