Below you can learn more about services we provide to faculty as well as upcoming training schedules:

  • Update your Department's Program Evaluation

    If your program evaluations are updated correctly, you will be able to spend less time worrying about credits and requirements and more time focusing on meaningful conversations with your students about long term plans and goals.

  • Revise your Advising Documents

    Our office can help you rethink the content and layout of your major advising documents to ensure students fully understand the requirements of your major as well as your major’s unique advising needs. Every major has tips & tools in advising that need to be addressed, such as: 

    • Preparing for a career path in a specific discipline
    • Sitting for a licensure exam, 
    • Choosing a complimentary minor, when to begin applying for internships
    • Organizing major electives to fit a future career path interest, etc.  

    We can help you get the word out to undeclared students as well as document these tips & tools in a meaningful and easy to access format.

  • Advising Trainings

    Are you wondering about the difference between advising and course selection?  Do you want to learn more about AdvisorTrac and what it can do for you?  We can help train faculty and staff in each department to maximize your current tools.  

    If you need assistance preparing for the upcoming semester advising season, we offer group faculty advising trainings for both the College of Arts & Sciences and the Sawyer Business School.  The group faculty advising training schedule for the current semester is listed below.

Faculty Advising Training Schedule - Fall 2016