From public buses with free wi-fi to relaxing walks in bigger-than-Central-Park Casa de Campo, Madrid has got it all. Meeting your friends in Sol is as typical as having churros and paella. There’s always something new to see walking down Gran Vía or visiting Plaza Mayor. On a weekday evening you can take salsa lessons or attend a language exchange program. Starting my freshman year in Madrid has changed my life, and no matter where I go, I always refer to Madrid as my lovely second home. The weather is amazing; it never gets really cold, which is something I appreciate as someone coming from a tropical country. The Rastro flea market is a great way to spend a Sunday morning, and it can be followed by tapas (which could actually be considered a meal) at El Tigre. For anyone who is thinking about coming to Madrid, it will be a life changing experience you won't regret. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity; Madrid is just the type of city everyone should experience. Jessica, Major: International Relations, Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Before coming to Spain I knew that I wanted to stay with a host family because it was the best way to really discover the culture and life style. My host mom and I emailed each other before I even moved in. I told her that one of my main goals was to learn Spanish, so we made an agreement to only speak Spanish in the house. I was a little worried because I'm a vegetarian and wasn't sure how that would work out in a host family - or even in Spain for that matter. My host mom has gone out of her way to cook for me and be creative with the dishes. The food is great, and my host mom spoils my roommate and me! The apartment is really nice and spacious, and the building is in a mini gated community conveniently located right next to a metro stop. Living with a host family has exceeded any expectations I had. My host mom treats me like family and goes above and beyond to make sure we're comfortable, happy and has really created a special bond with us. Brooke, Major: International Relations, Hometown: Dane, WI

One of the things I like most about my classes here is that we have direct contact with the professors, they know our names and they’re available to ask for help during office hours, too. Although the workload is considerable, it’s not impossible and can be tough for those who try to cram everything in at the last minute. My favorite class this semester is astronomy; even though it is not part of my major, it is really intriguing. The lab trip to the observatory in the Canary Islands was awesome. I have taken four classes each semester at Suffolk Madrid; that way it is a balanced work load and keeps me on track with my academic program. Suffolk University has some of the best trained professors and staff that will help you no matter what! Rafael, Major: Public Relations, Hometown: Anzoategui, Venezuela

It can be daunting to "jump the pond" and study at Suffolk Madrid Campus, but the experience here is simply incomparable! Suffolk's orientation trip does a great job of easing students' initial anxieties by introducing us to Spanish culture and allowing us to get to know our new classmates. From there, Suffolk continually provides opportunities to keep students involved; I took several unique day trips with Suffolk - hiking in the mountains near Madrid, seeing a flamenco show, taking a tapas tour after class, visiting Segovia - and several unforgettable excursions: Costa Brava, Salamanca, Seville, Lisbon and Brussels... all in one year! On campus, I became an avid member of the Cine Club (free movie tickets!), the Business Club (I was chairwoman first semester), and I even started my own Oriental Dancing Club. With so many ways to stay active, I have never grown bored at Suffolk Madrid, which has made the decision to return an obvious one!" Olivia, Major: Global Business, Hometown: Reading, PA