Upward Bound (UB) is a federally funded program under the Department of Education that seeks to increase college access to underrepresented populations in post secondary education. The program works with a group of Boston Public high school students and provides both academic enrichment activities and guidance through the college application and financial aid process.

There are three main components of the Upward Bound program: 1) after school tutoring, 2) Saturday sessions, and 3) the summer program.

After school tutors provide academic support in all of students required courses including: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, English as a Second Language and Foreign Language.

Saturday sessions are held at Suffolk University and primarily include classes in math, science and English. Students participate in Saturday Sessions once a month. There are also workshops which specifically focus on SAT and MCAS preparation. A college process class for UB junior and senior students is offered.

Upward Bound students participate in a summer program; students have the opportunity to visit and live on Suffolk University’s campus, take course in mathematics, science, foreign language, and English language arts, and also participate in social and cultural activities. Elective courses and service learning are also offered during the summer.

Contact information
Maria Muccio
Associate Director, Upward Bound Program