Hiking tour up in the Mountains

Whether you attend Suffolk University Madrid for an academic year, a semester or a summer session, you will find an outstanding program with the following characteristics:
  • Strong academic structure
  • Multicultural enrollment
  • Efficient services
  • Excellent facilities
  • Numerous exciting cultural and social events
  • Accreditation in the US and in Spain

Both in and out of the classroom, the Suffolk Madrid program offers a multitude of educational experiences.

Academic options

  1. Choose from academic courses taught in English at either Suffolk University Madrid or at Universidad CEU San Pablo.
  2. Spanish Language and Culture courses taught in Spanish at Suffolk University Madrid from elementary language to upper division
  3. Academic courses taught in Spanish at Universidad CEU San Pablo in 8 different disciplines
  4. Internships

Extra academic opportunities

  1. Housing - three different options
  2. Welcome trip: An introductory cultural trip, at the beginning of each semester
  3. Weekly cultural activities, with Universidad CEU San Pablo students conducted in Spanish, including choir, ballroom dancing, theatre, flamenco, gardening and many others
  4. Suffolk University cultural routes (excursions)
  5. Sports in the Universidad CEU San Pablo varsity and intramural divisions
  6. Volunteer programs