The goal of the Academic Support Program (ASP) is for students to make the most out of their abilities. To accomplish this goal, the faculty conduct weekly classes on such diverse topics as: Legal Analysis and Writing; Course Outlining; and Time Management. In addition, the faculty will conduct seminars on a variety of topics, such as Legal Writing for Law School Exams and Preparing for Oral Presentations, during the course of the academic year.

The program is staffed by three full-time members of the faculty: Professor Herbert N. Ramy (director); Professor Janet Fisher; and Professor Elizabeth Stillman. All three have a great deal of experience in legal education and specialize in assisting students who are struggling in law school. If you are struggling to master any aspect of your legal education, the professors in the Academic Support Program can help. Students are encouraged to contact any ASP Professor to set up an appointment.

Creating An Outline

Creating a Writing Sample

Law School Exam Tips

Mastering Multiple Choice Questions

Organizing Your Answers to Law School Exams