Suffolk University publishes its academic standards every year in the Academic Catalog. To understand how well your student is progressing in his or her education and what he or she needs to achieve, it's helpful to understand what these standards are and how they are connected to performance.

Each of these links will take you to the section of the Academic Catalog that addresses a selection of related concerns.

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Performance Evaluation

  • The grading system and the numerical equivalent of each grade 
  • Grade reports 
  • Repeating a course 
  • Honors Points

Student Accountability

  • Degree requirements 
  • Voluntary withdrawal 
  • Smoking 
  • Decorum 
  • Cheating and plagiarism 
  • Suspension, enforced withdrawal and expulsion

Academic Honors

  • Recognition Day 
  • Recognition Celebration 
  • Alpha Sigma Lambda 
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities

Academic Standing

  • Classification of Students 
  • Academic Standing Committee 
  • Academic Probation 
  • Academic Dismissal 
  • Re-admission to the University 
  • Leave of Absence 
  • Fresh Start Program (College of Arts & Sciences only)

College of Arts & Sciences Honors

  • Dean's List 
  • Graduation with Honors 
  • The Archer Fellows Program

Sawyer Business School Scholarship Programs & Honors

  • Scholarship Programs/Organizations 
  • Competitions 
  • Academic Achievement, Honors, Deans List 
  • Honor Societies


  • Eligibility for degree 
  • Application for Degree 
  • Eligibility to Participate in Commencement Exercise