IT Governance at Suffolk University

IT Governance at Suffolk University is sponsored by President McCarthy and co-chaired by CIO, Thomas Lynch III, and Professor Sebastian Royo, Vice Provost for Student Success. The goal of ITGC is to:

  • Insure IT projects are aligned with the 7 strategic initiatives of the Strategic Plan.
  • Provide representation across the university: 31 key leaders on the ITGC include faculty and Deans of all Suffolk schools as well as administrative leaders from all business units.
  • IT projects are reviewed by members of five Working Groups ensuring that approved projects provide value to the university.
  • Provide transparency in how IT projects are reviewed and approved.
  • Improve customer service for those requesting projects
  • To broaden involvement in decision making and prioritization of IT projects.
  • Provide a more integrated approach to project development and project management.

Currently five working groups are being formed to review new project requests, evaluate new initiatives, solve existing issues and solicit feedback on new initiatives.

The ITGC encourages transparency and participation in IT Governance issues across the University. All new projects will now be initiated by downloading the Project Request Form and emailing a scanned version with signatures to

 If you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact Tonya Price, at or ext. 5383.